You’re Invited to a Meet-Up on Long Island!

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Did you miss Teresa and Ben at our last Meet-Up and Chat? You’ve got another chance to come meet the captains turned documentarians! Come visit with Teresa, Ben, and hosts John Casey and Jenn Sheppard  on Long Island, New York. On May 5th from 6-8pm The Cull House, at 75 Terry Street, Sayville, NY will host our meet-up with snacks provided. Captains …

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99th Anniversary of the Titanic Tragedy

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In the Oceanography course I teach at a high school we are studying the development of echo sounders and their influence on bathymetry and the charting of the seafloor. Believe it or not, the tragic sinking of the RMS Titanic was very instrumental in stimulating research that developed technology for more rapid mapping of the seafloor. It was called an …

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Meet-Up Held at Leeward Market in Annapolis

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by Donna Whicher, Annapolis Patch People who have epiphanies often do so via stories, and not long ago those stories were often found in books. Nowadays, narratives that change people’s lives are just as frequently found on the Internet. So it went for Annapolis resident Merry O’Brien, who stumbled on the blog “Teresa Carey’s Sailing, Simplicity and the Pursuit of Happiness,” which …


Meet Me In Annapolis!

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The Leeward Market of Annapolis, Maryland will host a meet-up with two accomplished solo sailors who are about to begin their next challenge. With the polar icecaps in danger from global warming and both the Northwest and Northeast Passages now open to shipping, there is concern about the future population of icebergs. This summer, Ben Eriksen and partner Teresa Carey will …