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Meet-Up Held at Leeward Market in Annapolis

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by Donna Whicher, Annapolis Patch People who have epiphanies often do so via stories, and not long ago those stories were often found in books. Nowadays, narratives that change people’s lives are just as frequently found on the Internet. So it went for Annapolis resident Merry O’Brien, who stumbled on the blog “Teresa Carey’s Sailing, Simplicity and the Pursuit of Happiness,” which …

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NEW VIDEO: Liveaboard Life

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The following video was made to follow the previous video by Kirsten from Fair Companies, a vlog centered around sustainable culture. I answered a lot of Kirsten’s questions and was excited and interested to see how she would arrange my thoughts into one short video. Thanks again, Kirsten, for making such a beautiful video!

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Liveaboard Life: Minimalism in a Tiny Home at Sea

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The following video was made by Kirsten from Fair Companies. Kirsten contacted me because she is currently interested in how and why people live in small spaces. Daphne surely is a small home. Fair Companies is a vlog centered around sustainable culture. It’s full of interesting videos! Thank you, Kirsten, for making this video that is a glimpse into my world.


Meet Me In Annapolis!

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The Leeward Market of Annapolis, Maryland will host a meet-up with two accomplished solo sailors who are about to begin their next challenge. With the polar icecaps in danger from global warming and both the Northwest and Northeast Passages now open to shipping, there is concern about the future population of icebergs. This summer, Ben Eriksen and partner Teresa Carey will …

My Story: Living Simply (from GT Women)

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Check out this article in GT Women called: My Story: Living Simply I hope you enjoy it!! And if you are enjoying the blog, consider joining the Facebook community. Also, check out the other links in the two sidebars on the right side of this blog. Thank you!

The Front Page!

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This article was featured on the front page of a Northern Michigan newspaper. Click here to read “Follow The Wind.”

I’m in the newspaper!

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Take a look at this article from a northern Michigan newspaper: ‘South with the birds’:Traveling under sail with Kalkaska grad Teresa Carey