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The Leeward Market of Annapolis, Maryland will host a meet-up with two accomplished solo sailors who are about to begin their next challenge. With the polar icecaps in danger from global warming and both the Northwest and Northeast Passages now open to shipping, there is concern about the future population of icebergs. This summer, Ben Eriksen and partner Teresa Carey will sail north to glimpse an uncharted iceberg. Their documentary film One Simple Question will follow their journey.

The quest to see an iceberg is simple and pure, yet like the iceberg itself, there is much more beneath the surface—the journey to find happiness through simplicity. In today’s economy, with “simply living” as the new buzzword, Ben and Teresa take it to the extreme. Shedding both land and most of their possessions, they enjoy a life without a flush toilet, shower, television, and minimal electronics.

Ben and Teresa are both US Coast Guard licensed captains and have been professional sailors for years as educators, delivery crew, and charter boat captains. After years of professional sailing, Ben and Teresa each purchased their own small pocket-cruiser and began a solo journey, together. For two years they traveled the eastern seaboard and Bahamas aboard separate boats, yet managed to stay in sight of each other. This is a unique way for cruising couples to travel, which Teresa chronicled right here on her blog titled Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

At the meet-up Ben, Teresa, and Merry O’Brien, an Annapolis native who is a member of the film’s production team, will share their experience with simple living and cruising, discuss their upcoming film, and then offer some time for answering questions.

Join Captains Ben Eriksen and Teresa Carey on Saturday, March 12 at 1pm at the Leeward Market (601 2nd St. Annapolis, MD)

If you have questions about the Meet-Up or would like to host Ben and Teresa in your community please contact me, Merry O’Brien, at producer@simplequestionmovie.com.

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