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One female and one male crew needed for a one week to four week sail from Florida The Bahamas heading north. The female will sail with Teresa and her adorable cat, Dory, aboard Daphne. The male crew will sail with Benji and his smelly feet aboard Elizabeth.

You will be compensated with chilly nights, tight accommodations, and most certainly an adventure like none other.

Must be an adult in average or better physical condition, non-smoker, not allergic to cats. You will be expected to take part in all the daily responsibilities aboard including steering, navigating, standing watch, cooking, and anchoring, to name a few.

No experience is required, only an adventurous spirit. Must be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

Expected departure date is April 28th 2nd. Please respond by sending a detailed email to explaining why you are the crew we are looking for. Please attach a resume and references.


Teresa, Ben, and Dory

(updates made on April 3, 2010)

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  1. Rick Patton

    Teresa, Ben, I would love to go. Even my wife said if you don’t try and go your a fool. I will email you more info when I get to work.

    Rick Patton
    Keeping my fingers crossed

  2. Rick Patton

    Teresa, Ben, I would love to go. Even my wife said if I don’t try I’d be a fool. I tried to send a message from the house but it says my msg is being modulated. I’ll email you.

    Rick Patton

  3. Pauliina

    If I lived anywhere nearer I’d be thrilled to go. Unfortunately it’s a long way from Finland to Florida… And I also have two beagles eagerly waiting for proper sailing weathers (i.e. ice melting) here in Northern Europe – I’m not sure if Dory would approve two little helpers on board 😀

    Hope you’ll find some great company!

    Greetings, Pauliina from Finland

  4. Post

    Rick, Thanks for the email. About your first comment: all comments are first moderated and are pending until approved by me. If you have posted on my blog before, then you are approved to post more without moderation. You must have tried to post from a computer you don’t typically use to post on this blog, and it wasn’t recognized. No big deal, its approved now. I approve almost every comment that is submitted unless it is spam.

    Pauliina, Dory most certainly would not approve. Ah well, I hope the weather turns quickly for you.

    Mother, Hah! Forget it! Don’t send me your resume!!!!


  5. Merry

    That’s funny about your mom. hee hee! Well, she’ll have to compete against my resume for the job, b/c I just threw my hat in the ring! I’m sure you’ll have many more qualified applicants, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. Good luck to everyone!

  6. jomamma

    Oh, if my daughter were in Florida, she’d probably take you up on the offer. She’s currently in the Dominican Republic on the Freedom Schooner Amistad. She won’t return to the Keys until late March after they go to Cuba.

  7. Post

    Jomamma, Feel free to forward my post to your daughter. My estimate departure from FLA isn’t until April 2.

  8. Post

    Be careful, Rick.
    If you tell my mother that you are sailing with us, then soon you will have her breathing down your neck. She will be sending you at least one email each day asking you to remind me to wear my life jacket, eat three meals a day, and sail only where I can see land and other people.

  9. Kevin

    If you can’t find crew from among the bejillions of “applications” I’m sure you’re getting, let me know! I could use a reprive from the colds of Lake Michigan. Check my blog/website for my background.

  10. Dave


    Have you found a sailing partner for your trip. I would be very interested. Have been boating since age 9 (mid 40’s now). Was a professional navigator for many years.

    Let me know,

  11. Tall Sails Adventure

    Wow, that’s quite an opportunity for the right people! If I didn’t have other obligations I would have been tempted to say, ‘Pick me!’ Love the photo too with the colorful sails. Happy sailing! 🙂

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  13. Branko

    dear teresa, ben and dory,
    i wish you the best possible crew.
    i wold be part of this adventure so much but i decided not to fly any more. i live in croatia (europe) and there is not enough time to organize the trip by ship to bahamas if you would accept me as a crew.

    there is no sense to try to live life as low impact to the nature as possible and fly to USA when i see great opportunity to share same time with great people (and cat :)) in a grate adventure.

    i found your site two days ago and really enjoy reading your blogs. i am surprised that there is person that share so many common ideas and have almost the same approach to the life as me.

    sorry for my bad english, this is not my native language.



    p.s. if you need some help or advise about filming “one simple question” be free to contat me. i have 10 years experience in video production and i wish to help this good project.

  14. Post

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