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UPDATE: The Winner of the All Is Lost poster giveaway is Debbie Shafer and Richard Helmich! Please message me directly with your address so I can send you a poster!

Its Giving Tuesday, so we are giving away All Is Lost movie posters autographed by the director because we love sailing films and All Is Lost is the latest and greatest (in theaters now – have you seen it yet?).

There are four ways to enter:

  1. Like us on Facebook and share today’s post.
  2. Copy and paste this into your Facebook status: Take a look #SimpleQuestionMovie blog post for a chance to win an All Is Lost autographed movie poster!
  3. Follow us on Twitter and retweet today’s tweet.
  4. Tweet this message: Take a look #SimpleQuestionMovie blog post for a chance to win an #AllIsLost autographed movie poster!

Increase you odds by doing all four. You’ll be entered to win each time you share.

We’ll announce the winner at the end of the day Wednesday (12/4/13). The more you share, the better your odds! We don’t like to write many fundraising blog posts, but since it is Giving Tuesday, we thought it would be ok to post just one. When we started this journey, we dove into creating inspiring media head first by pointing the cameras at ourselves during the making of One Simple Question. The film shows the ups and downs of living so deeply connected with the ocean. This summer and fall we test-screened the film in four locations and asked 150 people who viewed the film how they felt immediately after. There was a nearly unanimous response of “inspired.” The second most popular response was a desire to take action to protect our wild places. People wrote:

“Your film has made me want to get out and spend more time on the water.”

“I now know that I need to make a better effort to protect our planet.”

“Watching Ben and Teresa delight in the ocean has given me the push to get out of a rut and make a change in my life.”

“It was refreshing to watch them find so much joy in seeing nature. I need to look at the world with their eyes.”

That is how we know One Simple Question is needed, and we want to spread its message. We’d love  your help to make it happen. Every editor, cameraman, composer, graphic artist, etc is a volunteer giving freely of their time (and sometimes money). However, there are still significant costs to making a quality movie. Every donation goes directly to costs associated with the film. On this day, Giving Tuesday, please consider making a contribution to our films finishing funds, or sponsoring a specific need. Thank you!!

Our current needs are:

  • $4,000 Licensing fee for use of a news clip by CNN.
  • $400 Synchronization rights for music.
  • $400 Public distribution license for music.
  • $3,800 Licensing fee for 30 seconds of stock footage.
  • $2,900 Licensing feel for other stock footage.


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  1. Daniel

    I still haven’t seen All Is Lost yet. I read some good things about it and worth seeing, except by a non-sailing spouse. 😀

    Just like boat ownership, the costs can add up quick. I hope it all works out for you two.

    1. Post
      Teresa Carey

      Curt, I maintain this blog of my own will and with no charge to anyone. Posting the occasional self-promoting post is a-ok in my book. I do a lot of work for free and offer plenty of videos, blog posts, and other media for people to enjoy at no cost to them. Consider it like a commercial. If that is unacceptable to you, and you prefer that I offer it all for free without an opportunity that allows readers to support me in other ways, then you are right, this isn’t the site for you.

      On the other hand, I always welcome constructive feedback that comes from a place of honesty and compassion. If you can provide me an example of a successful blog, one in which someone spends significant time writing quality posts and videos, and has built a platform for further opportunities that might earn them a return on their effort, please tell me. I would love to look at other successful ways of doing this.


  2. G-Room

    Hello Teresa,

    I just discovered your great blog, really helps me to escape during winter days at the office.

    Have you been thinking about a kickstarter or indiegogo campaign for your movie project?
    Maybe It could help you quickly gather the missing amount of funds? while reaching a wider audience as well..

    Safe travels,


  3. Cliff

    I greatly enjoy your website, especially the article about simplicity in rigging. In the long run, going to the mast to reef, raise, or lower sail is easier, faster, and less complex than the routing of numerous lines to the cockpit.

    Having said this, I must disagree with you regarding the movie, “All Is Lost.” Never has more non-seaman-like boat handling been portrayed on film. A good example? Our sailor guy is on deck and sees the clouds, hears thunder, and sees the lightning of an approaching storm. Does he shorten sail? No, he goes below and shaves. Only when things are at the peak of chaotic is he shown on deck wrestling with a sail. My wife and I are convinced that the title of this film came from the investors after they saw the final cut.

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