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How Do You See The Ocean?

Teresa Carey Video 6 Comments

Ben and I heard of this amazing film festival that is focused entirely around one topic….the OCEAN! And since we are also making a film about the ocean, we decided we would try to attend. Unfortunately, its on the other side of the country. But fortunately for us, they are holding a Youtube video contest where the winner will get free tickets and airfare to attend the film festival.

I decided I would give it a try. In just three minutes you have to answer the question “How do you see the ocean?” I could spend a lifetime answering that question, so three minutes was the most challenging part. But I was determined to give it my best shot in hopes to win an amazing trip to the BLUE Ocean Film Festival! It would make the perfect honeymoon!

So, here it is!

9/18/12 UPDATE: We won the video contest! Tommorrow we fly out to California to enjoy a week at the film festival and a stay at a resort and spa! Its so exciting. Read more about it here!

┬áSo, tell me…

How do YOU see the ocean?

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  1. Dawn jones

    What a wonderful, accomplished, beautiful young lady. I love reading about her accomplishments and look forward to reading about their new endeavors. As a mother of two daughters, Im glad she’s no longer accompanied by just a kitty named Dory :). Albeit , she’s done a fine job up til now. God bless and keep you safe . I hope they win the trip !

  2. Denny

    What an awesome three minutes. I will never look at the ocean the same way again. You added a whole new meaning to a way of life. I congradulate you both on your wonderful journey and hope that this is just the beginning. God speed.

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