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  1. Christa Demment Gonzalez

    Hello Teresa,
    What a great blog, lovely boat and super project you have for the summer. I found out about it through Luke O’Neill, an Outward Bound connection from years ago. I just watched your video and am excited to see the film and read about your preparations. I sailed the other direction, from Massachusetts south to Grenada and back to the Bahamas a few years ago. I’ve “swallowed the anchor” but prefer your terms better- planning for the next voyage.
    I am happy to spread the word about your film, and hope you get everything you need for your journey. Could I make one tiny suggestion though? You need to carefully spell-check everything you publish beforehand, so your project is really professional. Film maker, not filmaker, in the video clip, Shackleton… I know how fast life moves when getting ready, but this will really show potential supporters that you’re conscientious, serious and professional and will be the same with their money.
    Sorry, I didn’t want to come across as a mom or a grammarian, simply want you to succeed! And maybe it’s better coming from a stranger, though fellow sailor, than from your mom or old grade school teacher!
    All the best to you,

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  2. Robert

    “Sustainability” tends to be a dirty word for fiscal conservatives, which I think is a bit odd, seeing that the principle behind being fiscally conservative is that you should only spend what you have, or in other words, that spending should be sustainable. It is doubly odd because money is merely an exchange medium. Hyperinflation, like in Zimbabwe, shows very clearly that money is worth nothing in itself, it is only a symbol for wealth. The capacity of ecosystems to keep producing is the substance of much of the wealth we (in the richer countries) enjoy. Do you think it would be a useful approach to explain these two points in your documentary?

    I found a research paper that offers an explanation why people would be concerned about sustainability when it comes to the exchange medium, but not when the substance is concerned: they just don’t believe there is a limit to the capacity of ecosystems to create wealth, you only need to take it. I read Bill O’Reilly once claimed that human could not possibly damage what God has created. I wonder what happened to the Passenger pigeon, the Newfoundland cod fishery, etc. Anyway, if you want a copy of the research paper, email me, I can’t attach it to a blog comment.


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