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Thank you so much to Tasha who has a beautiful blog over at Turf to Surf. She nominated me for the Liebster award, which means I have to answer her ten questions.

1) Where are you now and where are you headed?

I am in the car and headed for the airport to drop off Ben, who is at the wheel. He is doing a boat delivery – and the first one without me. We usually deliver boats together, but this time I have other obligations! I feel like the women of olden days – the nervous wife who bids the sailor farwell and stands at the seashore (with a long flowing gown of course), peering into the sun and awaiting her lover’s return. The only difference is, I’m their weather router and will be in touch daily via sat phone! Ah..the luxuries of modern technology!

2) What’s the feature you love most about your boat?

The Norseman 447 is fast and that is awesome! I used to sail a tiny snail. Getting places took a long time. But now it feel like I can see more, go farther. The passage from Panama, against the enhanced trade winds, through the Bahamas, and up to New England would have taken me a long time….I probably would still be somewhere in the mid-Atlantic now.

3) What things are broken on your boat right now that urgently need fixing/replacing?

Nothing is urgent. All safety-related maintenance items are maintained. However, this winter we want to fix:
– aft head
– sew a new dodger
– replace refrigerator fan
– install heater
– install Monitor Wind Vane
– replace nasty rust-bucket chain
– re-bed all chain plates
– replace seized seacock
– build a swim ladder
– put the name on the transom
– build a proper chart storage
– remove pressure water (don’t need it)
– remove stereo speakers in cockpit (don’t need them)
– remove excess GPS unit (sell it – don’t need it)
– remove unused seacocks and glass over
– get rich and install new engine!!
– and…

4) What’s the most scared you’ve ever been on a journey and what happened?

I was once scared while sailing as a deckhand aboard a schooner. It was nearly a decade ago, so the details I can’t remember. However, what I do know is that we broke a lot of big things and the captain said to us just as the storm was building, “If you are on watch you must tie in. If you aren’t on watch, stay below. If you go overboard, we aren’t coming back for you.”

5) What do you wish you were more skilled in and why?

I wish I was a better writer because I love it.

6) What adventures other than sailing across oceans would you consider taking on?

I’m making a documentary series for PBS. That is an adventure for sure! You can help me succeed by voting for us to win a grant. I would also like to live in a foreign country and learn a new language. I will do this someday.

7) Who taught you to sail and was it love at first experience?

My dad taught me to sail. At the time I was more interested in playing with my dolls in the cabin. I have not missed a season of sailing ever since I was eight years old. Not one.

8) What is the most important thing your sailing experiences have taught you about life?

They have taught me how to be flexible and comfortable. When we are snowed in, when the airplane is stuck for more than a day, when the power and heat is out, when everyone around me is being brought down my their misfortune, their physical discomfort, their hunger or fatigue or cold, I can still make a cozy place to sleep and occupy myself with something productive and satisfying – most of the time. I attribute that to sleeping in an open row boat for a month at a time, to dashing outside when the wind, rain, and waves kick up, to sitting still and freezing for hours on end, and to being seasick for days but never missing a watch because of it. I’m not tough, I’m just doing what needs to be done.

9) If you were left alone in your favorite anchorage for a week, what would you do with your time?

Write. Play piano. Sing loudly. Yoga. Swim.

10) What’s next on your list of things to achieve? (Sailing or non-sailing related)

Finish writing my book. Make a documentary series for public television. Not go broke.

Now I am extending the Liebster Award Nomination to:

  • Larissa who writes: From Mountains to Masts an adorable blog about her journey with just getting into the sailing life.
  • Fred and Dorothy who write Aviva Voyaging. I had the privilege of sailing on Aviva with Fred and Dorothy for her maiden voyage. They are lovely people.
  • Marc and Jen who write Love At First Sail. I enjoyed introducing Marc and Jen to cold weather sailing. Now I’m sure they fell in love with it and are bound for the ice? Well…maybe not.

The rules of Liebster require me to give them ten new questions. Hmm…how can I put them on the spot?

The ten questions they have to answer are:
1) What has been the hardest part about sailing?
2) What are you like when you are cold, wet, and seasick?
3) Would you rather beat into 35 knots of wind for 24 hours or be becalmed for 3 days?
4) When you are out to sea, and no one is around, what have you done that you never told anyone about?
5) Do you jump in or go down a swim ladder?
6) Would you rather climb the mast or dive on the anchor?
7) Any quick fix tricks lately? Creative ways for using tools? Come on, we all do it.
8) How do you keep yourself awake at night?
9) How will you know when you accomplished what you set out for (in relationship to buying the boat)?

Now its YOUR turn! What questions would you add to the list?

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  1. Tasha | Turf to Surf

    Thanks for answering these questions with such panache, Teresa! It was a great read and now I’m looking forward to checking out the blogs of your nominees! Good luck with the documentary and the book – what an amazing accomplishment! I’ll certainly share the news around. And I hope to meet you in person one day 🙂

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