National Day of Listening

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Awhile ago I wrote a post about Story Telling. I found a beautiful non-profit called StoryCorps and wanted to share it with you. Now they have even gone further and are starting a National Day of Listening, which you and I can participate in. Please check out their site. Listen to a story, and share with me your experience. I LOVE stories! I love to tell them and to hear them. I am convinced that everyone has an interesting one. You certainly can’t live in this world without an exceptional story to tell.

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  1. Rick Patton

    Teresa, I read your Nov 22nd and 24th posts today. I know what you mean when your mind plays tricks on you. I have been on patrol and swear that the bush twenty yards up ahead is really a person. It makes your heart drop thru your chest to your gut just like you say. Then you kind of look around and hope no one saw you… It’s good that it’s the National day of Listening, a lost art for most of us. 2PM New Mexico time so I’ll bet your getting close to sun set. It is something to see when big red goes over the horizon. The sun going down and casting its final light on the Organ Mts. in Las Cruces gives you almost the same feeling as seeing it explode on the ocean as it departs for the day.. Fair winds and calm seas. I enjoy reading you posts.

  2. Bill at 18263 Days Later

    I had the pleasure and good fortune of driving locally all day and listening to NPR – they have been promoting both Story Corps and National Day of Listening, as well as sharing some stories from NPR staff. It really is a great program. I continue to enjoy reading your ‘story.’ Thanks for sharing it.

  3. jomamma

    I come from a long line of story tellers. I love to tell them and hear them. Can’t wait until the National Day of Listening. I may try to get something going at our school. Looking forward to more of your stories.

  4. John

    Happy Thanksgiving, Teresa. Been reading your blog since you were suffering through winter. Glad to hear you are enjoying your trip to more hospitable weather.

    Sorry for a prosaic question, but I’ve been wondering: do you ever use your aft cabin, or is it more or less wasted space?

    — John

    PS, check out my blog, if you like:

  5. Julie

    I read your posts today and it made me think of The Moth Project. It’s something that I listen to often on my ipod and I think you’d like it too. When you have a few extra minutes, check out They are all about true stories told live without notes and I am never disappointed. Let me know what you think!

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