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Two weeks ago I hosted a Live Google+ Hangout called One Simple Question: Exploring Our World One Question At A Time. On the panel were four experienced sailors who fielded all sorts of questions about sailing and preparing to voyage.

I had so much fun that I think I found my new calling!

As soon as the Hangout was finished I jotted down ideas for making the next episode much better and began planning it. I’ve met some amazing people through this blog, and learned a lot. Through the Hangouts I hope to create a way for these insightful people who have great ideas and questions to connect, discuss, and build stronger relationships. Since each Hangout begins with ONE SIMPLE QUESTION, the first thing to do was to decide what will be the title question.

The sailing community is small and widespread. There are pockets of simple living communities all over the country. And then, of course there are suburban communities, urban communities, web communities, and on and on. I can think of a few communities to which I belong. But its hard to know exactly where I fit in when I’m always on the go. So, the title question for the next Hangout became:

The Question: Is Community Important?

Update April 12 2013: Live hangout is over, but you can watch it on youtube anytime.


How it Works:

The Hangouts host a diverse panel of experts or people with a variety of experiences and perspectives. Each Hangout is broadcasted LIVE via Google+. Viewers can interact by posting questions and thoughts in the comments prior to or during the Hangout.

Here is what I need YOU to do:

Start posting your questions now! You can post them in the comments below, or on the Google+ page. During the Hangout you can watch LIVE as it is happening and continue to post questions or comments as you get to know the panel better.

Who’s On The Panel:

Sitting on the panel is a diverse group of community thinkers. They include:

Alyson Ewald – Alyson is an educator/trainer for communities and activist groups leading workshops on leadership, consensus, nonviolence, and facilitation. She has lived overseas for a decade and in 2005 she co-founded Red Earth Farms, a homesteading community near Dancing Rabbit, where she now lives with her family.

Derek Rowe – Derek is a pilot member of Ecohouse, Durham, a small intentional community with a focus on using the space available in an efficient, environmentally-friendly, and productive way. As a filmmaker with Doctrine Creative, he is interested in stories about the concept of community and it importance for individuals and world.

Andrew Kornblatt – Andrew is a social media community builder. He is the founder of the Online Ocean Symposium, a web-platform designed to build community between ocean conservation groups.

Jaja Martin – Jaja is a world traveler and author of Into The Light. She traveled the world with her husband and three children aboard a sailboat and has lived in communities across the globe. She is now settled in a home her family built in New England.

Join Teresa for the second installment of:
One Simple Question: Exploring Our World One Question at a Time
Where:  Live Google+ Hangout
When: April 11 2013 • 6pm EDT


 by Teresa Carey

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  1. Paul Ouellette

    Teresa/Ben : Mary & I have 5 more years until (@ 60) our pensions start & we’ll never have to endure another wretched Canadian winter again. Since our goal is to follow the sun & then return to the Great Lakes before the certain death of cane season…we’re hoping to learn as much as we can about the adventure to come. Any discussions you have regarding “retirement cruising” from the Great Lakes to Georgetown Exuma will be very appreciated !! Cheers, P.

  2. Chris Troutner

    Since ‘Community’ is the topic, I think it would be fun to discuss the difference between dependence and interdependence.

    My view has always been that dependencies should be minimized – as in “I can’t do this without you, because I depend on you”.

    However, interdependence (particularly on our community) is a fact of life. It needs to be identified and acknowledged. For example, I am interdependent on the farmers and grocers in my community – I need food, they need money. However, I am not dependent on any *one* grocer or farmer.

    The difference between dependence and interdependence is subtle, but important.

  3. Peter

    Hi Tersa … Sialing is my love since crossing the Atlantic, and now sailing in BRASIL. I pray before I leave the dock and after I comeback. For the radio, I use HF and my Amatuer Radio as their is a HF maritine net on the worldwide 20meter band net frequency.
    All sailors are scared. Thats what keeps you alert, and respect. The best have gone down. Storms come, and most of us are in the right place to survive. At this moment I am without a boat. Looking for a Bayfield 25. Had an EDEL … while all lines come back to the tiller, I am not a dodger fan, nor all these lights or radar…depth etc that light up and remove my night vision…and my view of the sails. BTW loved finding your U-tube. Sailing too is only sailing….if you can not sail into the harbour and up to a dock….get a sinkpot. Regards ….Happy sailing to all Peter Coggon VE3WBZ @ Lake Simcoe,Ontario,CANADA

  4. Jim

    My question is this:

    If we want to live more simply why dont we see more cruisers living simple on a boat they can really afford? To live simple and efficient you have to know how to fix things yourself . You can buy a used boat now very cheap and fix it up. Or you can simply build one as i have started doing. This misconception that you have to be a very skilled boat builder is nonsense. Anyone that can fix things can build anything.
    We all need to really live simple .
    If you have to have things done for you all the time like this modern age is now then we are dieing a slow death cause we will not have the knowledge to do anything.

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