Sleeping Bags Aren’t Just for Sleepovers

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A stream of conscious …

Every night I sleep in a sleeping bag. Most people thinks it’s weird, but it isn’t. Sleeping in a sleeping bag is very practical. It allows me to choose the place I sleep each night. I have the freedom of sleeping by the window on hot nights, or outside where the stars are pretty. I can sleep by the door on nights when Ben is away, so I’ll know sooner when he arrives home.

I don’t have to make my bed everyday and sleeping bags make laundry much easier. I just wash the liner and tuck it back in. I don’t have to worry about tucking sheets perfectly under the corners – they always pop out at the worst times anyway. Plus in a sleeping bag, when you roll over, the ‘blankets’ come with you. The square cotton sleeping bags are the best for indoor sleeping and two can be zipped together for the most fun.

Sleeping bags are versatile – they can become blankets anytime just by unzipping them. Ben and I have been sleeping in sleeping bags since we’ve known each other. We recently decided to try regular ‘ol blankets. But you can’t store stuff like a book or flashlight in a blanketed bed – that stuff just gets lost or squished when I roll over, but with sleeping bags you can store lots of things.

But for me, the best reason to sleep in a sleeping bag every night is the freedom to choose the place I sleep and having that different nightly scenery  helps keep my imagination flowing.


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  1. Sara

    Who cares about ‘most people’? 🙂

    Personally I love the idea of continually sleeping in a sleeping bag, and did, for many years. I’ve always loved the idea of everyday life as a camping trip…Yet I’ve drifted into a somewhat more conventional lifestyle in recent years, and whenever I get frustrated, I feel that it’s one of the important little things in life that I’ve let go of. It’s not that I’ve begun to collect stuff or live for work or anything, but I guess it’s good to become aware of small things that mean a lot.

    Happy sailing!

  2. Stephen Porter

    you stopped blogging here, we just moved on a steel spray 38, I’m retired navy, and found a great mix of what we can afford, operate and live on. like one of your posts we got bashed being some sort of wealthy couple….no.

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