OSQ Making Progress!

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We have some wonderful news for the progress of One Simple Question and our friends who are involved with the film.


~ Blue Mind is on the NY Times Bestsellers List:
Author Wallace J Nichols is a friend of ours and we are lucky to have him featured in One Simple Question. His insight and discussion really tie the story together and will help make it a hit. If you haven’t yet read his book Blue Mind, click here to purchase a copy. You’ll want one for your bookshelf, and one to share!

~ One Simple Question will premiere at BLUE Ocean Film Festival!
OSQ was selected as a finalist in the Emerging Filmmakers category and will be screened at BLUE Ocean Film Festival this fall. This was our first festival entry. We are one-for-one so far! Help us bring the film to more cities all across America by sponsoring a festival submission.

~ The Accidentals on Tour!
The Accidentals are hot on tour right now. People can’t get enough of their music, and we agree! One Simple Question is delighted to have them on our soundtrack! Check out their tour schedule.

~ Teresa Featured in the Detroit Free Press
A special on Teresa was featured in the Detroit Free Press. Its a great one! Check it out.

Thanks so much for all your support!

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  1. Dawn jones

    I am always filled with awe and wonder whenever I read about your latest undertaking or an old post from previous years. You are such a bright little light in such a dark and often-times foreboding world. How you are the daughter of my high school best friend who wouldn’t go past her knees in water is a tribute to your Daddy. When I see pics of your smiling face I hear the song in my head , “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…Oh this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine …..MAY GOD BLESS YOU,BEN AND DORY IN ALL OF YOUR ADVENTURES….Dawn

    1. Fran

      Dawn Jones, thank you for supporting my daughter, but keep in mind, without me saying ok, we would not of been sailing for 22 years!!! I just want a little credit for my awesome daughter. 🙂

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