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Last spring Ben and I were in the WUSB (SUNY Stony Brook) radio station to discuss our upcoming summer sailing and filmmaking plans. Then, in October Habanero invited us back for a follow up interview on her show “Whatever Floats Your Boat” radio show. We talked about our film project, One Simple Question, and the trials, hardships, successes,  and triumphs of our northward journey to see an iceberg this past the summer. It was a great follow up, and a pleasure to be on Habanero’s show again.

Click below to listen to the October 21, 2011 radio broadcast.


Click here to hear the broadcast from last May.



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  1. BeijaFlor

    Teresa, YOU inspire ME!

    I am way-the-hell the other side of the “Don’t Trust” Zone they told me about in the Sixties. I’ve got a modest boat myself, a Bristol 29.9, which I am going to use as a “test bed” to see if I have what it takes to live on a boat as “my only home.”

    Spotted your story in the February 2012 Cruising World … and I wish I’d read it before I published “Solo Sailing – And I Mean Sailing” on my own blog. I was so utterly “taken” by your story of your “convoy sail-about” with Ben! Pardon me for gushing …

    “Beyond The Sunset,” my blog, is currently more about men’s rights than about sailing. I’m using single-handed sailing as a metaphor for “Men Going Their Own Way,” or MGTOW – something similar to the “Herbivore” movement that’s getting so much attention in Japan. Your site is the first SAILING blog I’ve added to my Blogroll.

    Thanks for sharing your story! I admire you, you and Ben are now among my Heroes!

  2. Roberta Carey

    Although you have refrigeration, I would be interested in hearing from people who sail with just an ‘ice box.” Ideas of things to buy, cook, store, etc. would be great.

    1. Post

      I didn’t have refrigeration or an ice box for almost a year. It was installed but I didn’t run it because I didn’t have power. Then I got a solar panel and that was sufficient to keep the refrigerator going most of the time.

      When I didn’t have refrigeration, I was very selective of what I purchased and aware of how long it would last. Green tomatoes last long, onions and root veggies last long. Leafy greens do not. However, they last better in shaded areas with a breeze. So I would keep them low in the boat and in an open crate. And I would eat them first. Cabbage is great and last a long time! Still crunchy even if the edges are brown. Green apples last longer than red. Apples will las longer if you separate them with paper. Eggs don’t require refrigeration and will last a very long time if you remember to flip the carton over every few days. Cheese also last a long time if you buy a large block instead of slices. Its the exposed edges that go moldy first and often its where you touched it with your fingers, so keep it wrapped in plastic.

      I good resources for making fresh stuff last is Lin Pardey’s “The Care and Feeding Sailing Crew.” I wish I had looked it over before I started. I didn’t take a look at it until longer after I had refrigeration, but I learned things through trial and error and from my extended camping experience.

      I hope this helps!


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