Ten Things I’ve Learned to Live Without… So Far

Teresa Carey Words 11 Comments

1. Ice cubes, ice cream, popsicles, or anything that goes in a freezer

2. Warm running water

3. Television

4.  Clothing closet and dresser drawers

5.  Automobile

6.  Oven and microwave and all other kitchen appliances

7. Hairdryer

8. Bathtub

9. Computer printer

10. Chair and a coffee table to prop my feet on

The Galley (kitchen) aboard the sailing vessel Daphne, my home



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  1. Barbara Kane

    Hi T!
    I love you for your strength and creativity. I think you are on the right track to prioritize what is really important in life. Just remember that it may be very different for other people. I will bookmark your blog to keep track of your progress.
    Love you, Aunt B’ann

  2. Post

    Thanks Aunt Barbara Ann!
    I do realize that people have different priorities than I do, and I think thats the best part. We all get to choose what to prioritize in life. For me, its a boat, the outdoors, and living with less, for others…who knows!

    I think the simple living movement is really about discovering those priorities and focusing on them without other things getting in the way. Its fantastic!


  3. caleb

    good job teresa. hope to be doing similar in a years time. i’m really loving the nor’sea. salty and full of wood! whats the headroom in there, and how tall are you? i’m a bit vertically challenged 😛

  4. Rob

    Hi Teresa,

    Welcome to the lifestyle of living aboard. I’m from over on the Living Aboard Forum. We live full-time on a 36ft sailboat.

    Ice cream is definitely a special treat. 🙂 The one advantage, when you do buy some, you must eat it all in one sitting! Yippy.

  5. Post

    I will take more pictures of my boat soon, and post them. But photos can be deceiving. I’ll try to describe the size.
    In this picture, I am standing facing the galley (kitchen) the only spot in the cabin to stand. I can have one trim guest (who I am close with) share the space with me. If a third were to join, one of us would have to sit down!
    That picture is taken from forward, looking aft (toward the back of the boat). The photographer is sitting at a small table. He is a blogger to and when we sit together, we have just enough room for our two Mac laptops.
    But I love it, its cozy and its my home. I wouldn’t want a bigger boat. I’m a small gal and need to be able to handle the vessel alone. I, too am working on making it a “living space”. It will be more difficult in the winter. Today (because of the condensation on the interior, I spent a great deal of time cleaning out mold and airing out the lockers…brrrrr.

    Caleb! I am 5’7” and there is still a little bit of space above my head.

  6. caleb

    Thanks Teresa.
    It’s probably too small for me 🙁 . i read somewhere the headroom is 6′. I have been looking for <30′ boats, but very few are designed for 6’4″ people, and those few haven’t caught my eye, like the nor’sea has. Will have to try to track one down and check it out.
    Stay warm!, and thanks for living the dream!

  7. Jenny

    your list looks like mine! we’d love to get an oven in our boat someday, but for now we wait.

    the hardest thing for me still, after almost two years, is having no bathtub. whenever I would want to wind down at night or if I was feeling under the weather, I’d climb into a nice hot bath with a book and a mug of hot chocolate…now I have a nice stove that I sit next to with a book, hot chocolate, and my cat. the one good thing is that all my dirt dweller friends know that I miss having a bathtub, so I have open invitations to about a dozen bathrooms around the country for a bath whenever I want one. so really, I have a dozen bathtubs. I’ll have to start using those more.


  8. Stewart

    Hello Teresa, I’m often on the living aboard forum with Rob who posted Nov. 18th. Nancie & I, onboard our ketch, Aythya, have enjoyed your simplicity comments. We moved aboard in 1972 with simplicity as an outcome, but life’s quality as our focus. We are both retired from teaching and coastal cruising on the east coast,- seasonal latitude adjustment. Continue choosing well! Take care and joy, Aythya crew

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