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viaDe Travel Video!!

Teresa Carey Press, Video 10 Comments

A few weeks ago I spoke with Lars from viaDe Travel. ViaDe Travel is a new social community for people who love to travel. People can share their story there, and learn from other travelers. The site also connects people with tourism boards and travel industry professionals to help people plan their next adventure.

Lars and I spoke for a while about why I like to travel, what I was seeking when I first purchased my sailboat, and what adventures I have planned for the future. He made an excellent video and posted it on their site. Click here to watch the vid!


Comments 10

  1. Frederico

    Hi. I’ve been following your blog and watching your videos, and I just need to tell you that you are a great inspiration as well as a source of information that could never be paid back.
    Thank you.

  2. Juan

    Teresa, you are amazing and your vision is definitely a breath of fresh air.

    I came across a video of yours in Youtube like 1 year ago and since then I sometimes come to your blog to see how you are and how things go for you and Ben.

    Your videos are awesome, I like when you say that ‘change and challenge’ are 2 of the ingredients to find happiness and in another video I agree when you say that when people have more they want more and conversely who downsize his/her needs gets into a cycle of wanting less and less.

    Warmest regards Teresa, take care

  3. Chris Troutner

    Hey Teresa!

    At the end of the video, you mention that ‘struggle’ and ‘adventure’ are key ingredients to happiness. I have been finding this to also be true in my life. What writers and thinkers have inspired you to think this way? I’m actively looking for books by philosophers who have articulated these concepts.

    I’ve been contemplating these same concepts over the last few years of my life. I think that is very much the same spirit in which Chris McCandless lived as well as Juliette de Bairacli Levy. In particular, I’ve been moved by McCandless’s letter to his friend Ron, which I quote at the end of this blog post.

    Thanks for yet more inspiration!

    Chris Troutner

    1. Post

      I haven’t found this sentiment shared with anyone else. What inspired me to say that was the person interviewing me repeatedly asked me if I found “happiness” in my “pursuit of happiness.” That was my natural response to his question.

      I’m sorry I can’t help you further. I’m sure there are others who feel this way, as all thought is ultimately shared and universal. I’ve often had feelings about things that I thought I was the only one who felt that way, only later to find someone else has thought that an even analyzed it and explained it deeper. I’ve also found that I’ve been inspired by literature that I read years ago but internalized the sentiment.

      So, keep looking and let me know what you find. Or….you could wait a year and read my book when it comes out!

  4. Yuventius

    I have showed your video about sailing simplicity. It was very interesting. Very interesting interview. Good job.

    Best regards
    Yuventius, Labuan Bajo Flores island, Indonesia

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