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After a long vacation from blogging, Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness is back! If you take a look around the site, you’ll  quickly see  I’ve got a nice new shiny car! But it’s still me driving, and I’ve got the same stuff in the trunk. However, take a look under the hood, and you’ll notice a few changes.

First of all, Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness has redirected its focus. What began as a blog that only chronicled my journey will now offer more useful information to sailors, simple livers, and all who want to chase a dream. I’ll still keep sharing my stories and through personal experiences I hope to offer more.

Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness has three contributing writers now. I invited Ben and Merry because of their expertise in things related to sailing or simple living. The people I have met through blogging are amazing, and Ben and Merry are two of them. For most of my journey, Ben traveled with me aboard his own Bristol Channel Cutter. He may be one of the most driven people I know. His commitment to caring for his father, learning French, and adopting a raw food lifestyle, all while living aboard a boat is impressive.

After communicating with Merry via the web, I finally invited her to sail with me. She was aboard Daphne for about a week, but it felt like a lifetime. Merry will be a friend for a long time. I asked Merry to be a contributing writer because she has a great perspective on simplicity and has certainty given a lot of herself to chase her own idea of happiness.

Two other projects are well on their way. First, I can officially say that a writing career is on the rise for me. Look for my next article in the March issue of Living Aboard magazine. Second, I am excited to be a part of a new film project called One Simple Question. Currently we are  building our team, finalizing plans, and gathering equipment and sponsorship. Our Kickstarter fundraising campaign will begin soon. Please subscribe to our email list and become a fan on facebook to get new site articles, announcements, and updates on the film project delivered right to you.


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  1. Bill

    Hey Teresa, glad to see the site is back up! The new look is nice, and I look forward to the contributing writers you have lined up.

    You were a big inspiration for my wife and I to undertake our own simple journey and make a big change in our lives.

    We are both looking forward to seeing and reading more.


  2. Mid-Life Cruising!

    We recently came across your FB page and site, and we’re looking forward to your future posts, as we bought our Catalina 30 just over a year ago and are now working on selling our house and everything with it to cruise the Caribbean. We’ve got a lot to learn and are also trying to share our experiences along the way at http://www.mid-lifecruising.com

    We are so inspired when reading about people such as yourself, proving that we can make our dream a reality!

  3. Rick Patton

    Teresa, That made Annette and I laugh we both thought it was some kind of raw fish… We must be from New Mexico.


    1. Post
  4. Ben

    Rick — apparently we need to get you out here for some, prop scraping, bottom painting and zinc changing! You’ll be intimately familiar with what that picture is after that!

  5. Rick Patton

    I’d love that. but. at the moment we have 3 inches of snow on the ground and we never get that much. nothing is moving.

  6. Keith Fawcett


    Hey you go girl. Got your letter and glad we did. Funny it came on the day of the St. Patricks Boat Parade in the canal behind our house. The same day several years ago that you arrived frresh from a long, long drive.

    Funny but we had been thinking of you often lately and fondly remembering your visit to help out with the post-Katrina Habitatat for Humanity rebuilding efforts in the Lower Ninth Ward. Love your website (terrific set up ) and your new project, you know you are always welcome to visit down here.

    We are racing tomorrow night and I am going to talk to the Wildcard Crew to pitch them in mutually helping out on the film project. Hopefully we can punch up the strength in numbers and make a better total contribution to help you both out.

    Please stay in touch and drop me an email with all your contact information.

    All the best,
    Keith and Frances Fawcett
    Eden Isles

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