What? Ocean Conservation at a Boat Show!

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I’ll be speaking at the Chicago Boat Show. But I won’t be taking the typical approach and giving a seminar on sail handling, anchor skills, or an awesome voyage I did. Instead I’ll be talking about ocean conservation and how being an active advocate and conscious citizen can enrich your sailing life. Awesome!

I’m so excited to talk about this very important topic. I’ve been to many boat shows, but I’ve never seen anyone speak about protecting our oceans and waterways. And why not!? We are sailors on the ocean because we love the ocean. Wouldn’t you love to know how to care for the ocean too?

I’ll be sharing easy things you can do (and some hard ones too!), why it is important, and how it is actually fun! It is about time we make ocean conservation commonplace in the the sailing conversation.

I’ll also be giving a seminar titled Unleashing Women’s Potential. Sailing is the most “pink and blue” industry I’ve ever been involved in. In my talk, I’ll explain why women are often left behind and what we can do (as men and women) to exhibit our true equality. We’ll talk about learning styles of men vs women, how marketing pushes women away from sailing, what everyday language (that we all use) slowly diminishes a woman’s confidence, and more.

I’ll also be a guest presenter at John and Amanda Neil’s full day event, and on Pam Wall’s women sailors panel.

I hope to see you there!


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  1. Miro

    Good on you Teresa. Yes, it’s about time these important topics took some ground back from the plain old consumerism ie pursuit of more stuff.

    There is much more important stuff to talk about and it has to to with the living world under that watery surface. The fish, corals and the water it’s self not to forget the plants and algi. With the petroleum industry treating it like a dump and commercial fishers scraping it for all its worth it is suffering a great deal. Awareness is the first step towards good stewardship.

    Thank you for all that you do.

  2. Travis C.

    Best of luck Teresa! Conservation is an important topic and I can’t think of anyone better to present on it. Certainly those of us living aboard have experienced first hand the importance and relative ease of implementing some pretty simple things. And thank you for bringing an experienced voice to the conversation on women sailors. Looking forward to hearing more!

  3. Dorothy Mammen

    BOTH of these sound wonderful! I sure wish I could be there to hear what you have to say on both topics … but I am holding down the fort (boat) in the USVI while Fred is in VT for a week or so. (This is my first time staying on the boat alone!) Will you make podcasts of them, or write them up? Hope hope hope!

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