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Whatever Floats Your Boat

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UPDATE 10/15/11: Ben and I are going to be guests on Habanero’s show “Whatever Floats Your Boat” again soon. This Friday, October 21, at 7am, we’ll talk with Habanero about our summer trip, the film, life afloat, and some other surprises! And I’m going to bring my “Whatever Floats My Boat” playlist to share! Any suggestions?

Friday morning Ben and I were guests on Habanero’s radio show called Whatever Floats Your Boat onWUSB 90.1. Habanero welcomed us into a small control room, its walls decorated with hundreds of stickers. Ben reflected on its appearance—it still looked the same, some twenty-five years after his first radio interview at this station. Habanero, being a fellow sailor and woman, asked a lot of great questions that helped me put into words my feelings about sailing aboard Ben’s boat this summer as opposed to sailing solo again on my own. Since 2008 I have been writing this blog about my experiences solo sailing. For the first time, you’ll hear me talk about my feelings on transitioning to sailing with another independent solo sailor. After you’ve listened to the radio show, I would love to know your response to what I express as my biggest concern about this transition. You can listen to the entire talk here: “Whatever Floats Your Boat” Friday May 6, 2011 WUSB 90.1

Things are rolling along quickly for One Simple Question. Just last week, we made an agreement with an educational non-profit called SEEDS, which provides after-school programming to students in 12 different schools. Part of their goal is to “help students and families begin to think locally and learn how to live a simple and healthy lifestyle – and in the end discover how rich and full that feels.” I was so excited when SEEDS contacted me to discuss a collaboration. I’ve been an educator for many years, and had been searching for such a partnership. Now we are beginning to plan the details of the educational outreach component to One Simple Question. As One Simple Question continues to expand, so does our needs. We only have a few more days for our Kickstarter fundraising campaign. We are very grateful to have reached our minimum budget goal, but our real budget is higher than that. If you haven’t already, please take a look at our Kickstarter page today and consider making a donation. All the money that is donated goes exclusively to equipment for the film and outreach project. UPDATE 10/15/11: We reached our Kickstarter goal and finished production on the film. Now we are moving into post production and are still seeking financial support through donations and sponsors. Please consider making a small donation today. 


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  1. Gregory

    Your story brings excitement to my life. It is so thrilling to hear you and Ben on the radio talking about your passion – sailing.

    Thank you for sharing.

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