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Did you miss Teresa and Ben at our last Meet-Up and Chat? You’ve got another chance to come meet the captains turned documentarians! Come visit with Teresa, Ben, and hosts John Casey and Jenn Sheppard  on Long Island, New York. On May 5th from 6-8pm The Cull House, at 75 Terry Street, Sayville, NY will host our meet-up with snacks provided. Captains Teresa and Ben will share a discussion on simple living, voyaging, and their upcoming film focusing on their journey to Labrador, Canada where they hope to discover an uncharted iceberg.

For the voyage, Ben and Teresa will combine their talents and become co-captains of a single boat. “It’s two captains and one boat. It’s going to be interesting,” says Eriksen, “Teresa is more of a ‘by-the-book’ sailor, and I’m more ‘by-the-seat-of-my-pants.”

Set to begin filming in partnership with Doctrine Creative in June, a production team of nine are busy preparing for filming and the journey at sea. As many of you know, I’m proud to be among this group of volunteers! Some readers met me last month, when I hosted Ben and Teresa at the Meet-Up in Annapolis. We are having a great time gearing up for this movie. Come join the excitement!

“This film will have a bit of something for everyone. It’s an environmental film, and adventure story, and at its core–a story about the human need for challenge and connection with the outside world in which many of us no longer inhabit.” –Merry O’Brien, Production

To read more about the film, get involved, or to make a contribution toward production costs, visit the One Simple Question website or check out or video. Read about the success of the last Meet-Up in this article in the Annapolis Patch.

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  1. Janice

    I’m very happy to see an update in my email today. Looking at the helm you’re both standing behind it appears the past year has held a number of interesting changes. I look forward to hearing how the adventure unfolds!! Delighted to here of the TEDX invite… and the shift in teaching methods… : )) toward a global classroom. Much love to you both from Ann Arbor

  2. stephane

    hey Ben and Teresa…i have a question, since i also plan to move aboard a sailing boat and sail from NY to florida and the islands etc…i live in Baldwin NY, work at the huntington’s hospital i’ve seen videos of Ben and yourself sailing in long island…and every time i watch you guys, i see myself on these boats. i’ve been doing a lot of research and so far the two boats i really like is the one you guys have which is the Nor’Sea 27′ and the Macgregor 26M…now my question is..what are your thoughts on the Macgregor 26M? would you recommend it to a new sailor?…i’m really new at this, i don’t know anything about sailing so please i’d like to know what you and Ben think about this…thank you..

    P.S. i will be attending the meet up on May 5th at the Cull house and hopefully get to donate for your documentary in person…thanks again you guys are an inspiration. i want to start living my dream early, i’m 25yrs old and hopefully get to sail with you guys some day.

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