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Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness, began in 2008 when Teresa made a dramatic change to chase her dreams. She gave up a whole lot of stability for the unstable plan to live aboard a sailboat and take on odd jobs to support her lifestyle, and selling handcrafted items on her Etsy shop. In the following two years she lived aboard a small 27 foot sailboat named Daphne with only her cat Dory for company. Its not a house, but it was home, its not a car, but she traveled a blue road. For two years she sailed, explored, and discovered what simple living meant to her and shared it all on this blog. Writing helped her, blog readers inspired her. Now, she sails with her partner Ben and their cat Dory aboard their 28ft Bristol Channel Cutter Elizabeth.

Teresa’s goal is to share her personal exploration of simple living, to help sailors with life aboard, and to inspire others to chase their own creative dream through honest and uplifting writing.

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Ben and Teresa have been helping people plan voyages and enjoy doing so. They offer consulting services for a small fee. They can help you with planning a coastal sail, a small offshore passage, a sail training program, vacation, professional sailing gigs, or gearing up your boat for living aboard. Between Ben and Teresa, they have experience in coastal sailing, offshore, trans-atlantic, windjammers, educational programs, American Sailing Association, American Sail Training Association, US Sailing, and US Coast Guard licensing, living aboard, solo sailing, and more.


Teresa Carey is a US Coast Guard licensed captain, dancer, writer and educator. She is always exploring small spaces to live in, such as snow forts, canoes, cars, tents, and of course a sailboat. Teresa is often seen skipping, spinning, and laughing way too loud in public places. She named her boat Daphne to honor her grandmother.