Teresa Carey is a young vibrant sailor who is living an alternate lifestyle in the quest for adventure and a meaningful existence with her partner Ben. She has created original and informative web media that presents her writing, video, photography and unconventional views. It’s inspirational to see the unique accomplishments of these two intelligent and motivated individuals.

~ Jaja Martin, author and high latitude world voyager.


Teresa,? you are most assuredly a writer. You have a fresh, intimate voice and a terrific eye for the quirky details that evoke emotion. I’m probably twice your age, been cruising on and off for most of my life, published books, and yet, I learn from you every time I read your stuff.

~ Christine Kling


Ben and Teresa’s presentations at Mystic Seaport on March 15, 2012 were exuberant about their quest, enthusiastic about their ecologically responsible path, and engaging as a young couple with a cat on a small sailboat.  As one member said, “Bravo.  A happy life to both.  They were a breath of spring.”  We would be honored to showcase their final film at the Museum.

~ Karin Soderberg, Mystic Seaport, Assistant Director, Membership.


Teresa’s writing transcends the experiences of adventurers, sailors, and simple living enthusiasts. On a broader level, her stories pull us through a deep undercurrent recognizable and accessible to any reader. She speaks to freedom and the very human quest to carve out a space for ourselves in the world where we can thrive, draw what we love closer to ourselves, and test the unique strengths which define each of us. In this way, anyone can pick up her writing and find a point of accessibility.

As a young woman who stumbled across Teresa’s work long before I ever set foot on a boat, I found myself hanging on every word. There is a desire in us all to break free from the malls and parking lots of our lives. Teresa’s honest accounting of her path out provides breadcrumbs for us all to follow. She doesn’t write about a race to sail faster, live in intolerable conditions, or outdo the next guy. Her writing encourages self awareness in the pursuit of what happiness means to each unique individual. By reading Teresa’s blog and articles and watching her videos writing, readers ‘meet’ themselves.

~ Merry O’Brien

I thoroughly enjoyed [Teresa’s Keynote] presentation.  [She] presented known material with a new focus and youthful and fresh perspective and introduced more of the spiritual side of us women.  I’ll remember that it’s my inner strength that I will call upon when my next bout of fear comes along.

-Joan Thayer, co-chair National Women’s Sailing Association


“The Gifts Of Sailing Solo” is an article by a young woman – and US Coast Guard licensed Captain – who sailed “solo but in convoy” with her significant other, Ben and Teresa BOTH belong in my “Pantheon of Heroes,” and I acknowledge both of them as heroes in my heart.

~ BeijaFor


Teresa, Part of your destiny, purpose…is to make some of us dream. Thanks.

~ Rick Patton


I’ve been reading Teresa’s blog for a while it was like meeting my favorite author. Your definitely making a global impact. Keep up the inspiration.

~ Terry Gonzales


The lecture was great and we look forward to seeing the finished movie.  Teresa and Ben inspire us.  Thank you!

~ David and Beth Duncan


You are an award winner anywhere you go , because of your courage and your adventurous spirit …A Big Thanks , for Doing What You Do

~ Douglas and Lang


I love reading your blog. You are a household name in our journey to become sailors

~ Candy Price


Your ideas and thoughts are affecting me and everyone else who reads them. Thanks.

~ Brett


What a great blog!  You appear to strike the right balance of narrative, personal reflection, photos, and anecdote. I commend you for having the strength of character and personal vision to “pursue your dream.”  In today’s American society, this is hard…all the more so for a young woman.

~ Kenneth

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