A Meal Underway

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Mid-morning the seas began to lie down and the sail was even smoother. I boiled water for steamed veggies. It would be the first hot meal I had made underway on this voyage. Filling the small pot with an inch of water, I set it on the gimbaled stove and released the break that steadied it. Now the stove could move about freely, staying level even with the side-to-side rocking motion of the boat. Staying near the stove I waited for the water to boil, chopped then added the veggies, and at the same time made frequent glances out the companionway hatch to check my progress.

When the vegetables were finished and I settled in to the cockpit to enjoy my meal, another ocean swell struck the boat on the side and sent my lunch spilling onto the cockpit floor. Its not often that Dory comes on deck while Daphne is underway, but he made a brief appearance to snack on the spilt vegetables before cozying up again in the safety of my clothing hammock. 

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  1. garth

    Hey Teresa, great to meet you and Ben in Elizabeth City the other night. Sarah and I will include links to your sites on ours.
    Happy sailing and see you on down the line.

    Garth and Sarah

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