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I’ve been going through some old footage lately looking for a few things. I ran across this old video from 2009 that we had never fully published. It’s low-fidelity, silly, slightly embarrassing, but also kinda cool to look back at ourselves 11 year ago. It was a different time on YouTube then. A simpler time. A better time?

You can’t beat a video that features both a Nor’sea 27, a Bristol Channel Cutter 28, and an adorable cat. Plus, included is Ben’s secret recipe for Yesterday’s Salad…. a fan favorite on passage. Well at least we can hope that someday, Haven will appreciate this very “home-video-ish” video of ancient family history.


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Comments 4

  1. Victor Esposito Jr.

    Teresa and Ben,

    What a great find video. I have followed you folks for a while. Miss the videos, and check in with the Blogs from time to time. I have been following the crew Delos for some time but miss your videos.

    I am 73 years young, teach at a local Middle School, and have sailed off and on for the past 35 years.
    I recently purchased a 22 foot O’Day Shawl keel. I love it , easy to trailer and easy to single sail. I am located in Oakland Maine, and have it in our local China Lake.

    i know your doing a sailing program out of Maine during the summer

  2. Chad Gleason

    Elizabeth, Daphne, and Dory! I love it. I remember meeting you a few days after that video in Baltimore’s inner harbor. Hope all is well.


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