Eleven Miles

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I have a great car. Its a Subaru Outback all wheel drive. I bought it about a year ago and have enjoyed driving it ever since. The freedom of the open road. Now I’m on a new journey. One of a different type of freedom, and the next step is to live without a car. My car is now listed here on Craig’s List.

Yesterday I had an interview that was only three miles away from where I keep my boat. I gave myself plenty of time to get to my destination by bicycle, but unfortunately took a few too many wrong turns. I ended up riding eleven miles…I think. I’m still not sure exactly how many. An eleven mile bike ride isn’t too far, but it becomes waaaay too far when I am pedaling in a panic, pressed for time, and trying not to sweat too much in my only set of interview clothes that have to last for a while because I still don’t have access to laundry facilities.

I stopped to ask for directions three times. On the third time I walked into a Scottish bakery that I had passed once already. Huffing and puffing, I unzipped my jacket, took off my helmet, and asked the clerk for directions. Soon, everyone in the shop was helping me, trying to explain where I was and where to go. I must have had appeared distraught because it wasn’t long before a kind woman shuffled me into her car and another couple threw my bike in their truck bed. Off we went and only a few moments later I arrived almost an hour late for my interview. And the simple life continues to find complications.

Please buy my car quick before I start to second-guess this decision!

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  1. Schuyler

    Hey Teresa, I just saw your post on CruiserForums. Great site!! Definitely bookmarked as I too am planning to ditch the world via sails. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors. I probably won’t comment much, but I will certainly be keeping up with your site. Happy Sailing!

  2. SV Faith

    I just typed a post and deleted it… oops.
    My wife and I spent 8 months sailing our 1964 Pearson Ariel ‘Faith’ and living simply. She is a great boat, but even smaller then your NorSea (which is a great boat by the way). While we are ashore now, we are looking forward to getting back out there.
    We got lots of help and encouragement (and met many friends) on a small boat site a friend of mine started. http://SailFar.net
    I wish you well, and look forward to following your journey.
    Fair Winds!

  3. Fran

    honestly, I do not like you getting rid of your boat…I want you to be able to visit us, family, affordably…..while I am all for “living simply”…I don’t like the “idea” of you cutting yourself off from us…and perhaps giving “living simply” a new meaning.
    “life is a gift..not a game.”….embrace that gift and all that it is about….Ilove you

  4. Post

    Hi Mom, Please don’t think that “no car” is the same as “no more visits to family”…every time I visit I fly anyway. Besides, it may be more cost effective for me to sell the car…I need the money!

    You are right “life is a gift…not a game,” so I’m trying to embrace life fully, get outdoors on my bike, loose the connection to things that pull me away from the real life experiences. It won’t always be easy without a car. As with anything, there will be challenges and blessings.

    Don’t worry, I still want to come home for Christmas!
    Miss you,

  5. Seeking Simplicity

    I just wanted to say that your journey really speaks to me. I, too, was a teacher and I, too, grew up on and around sailboats. My parents are both sailors and your story has really made me rethink where I am going in life and what I want to do. Good luck and I will look forward to reading about all your upcoming adventures… Happy sailing.

  6. Brock

    lol…hillarious story. Could be a good commercial to buy a car actually, so I wouldn’t advertise it to members of that market!

    How did the interview go?

  7. First Mate Mary

    Ah… what a pretty boat! I love it that your mom worries about you. If mine were still alive I doubt that I could have ever lived on a boat, it would have driven her crazy. You are embarking on a wonderful journey.

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