How It Began

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            It began with spring-cleaning. Last May, I began to give away most of my belongings, intent to live on a small sailboat. But it began long before that when my father introduced me to sailing. I was hooked, and looked for more and more opportunities to retreat to nature and live in the moment, to free myself from life’s access…even if for just a day…and “live deliberately” as Thoreau described.


            So, in the spring, even though I didn’t feel ready to buy a boat, I pretended like I was and began to give away my stuff to prepare for the shift in lifestyle. One thing led to another, and now I’m living on my Nor’sea sailboat, which I named Daphne after my grandmother. I didn’t give away alllllll my things. Some of them still reside in storage at my parents, but I enjoyed the process so much that I plan to continue freeing myself from the shackles of clutter more and more, each time I visit my parents. I found it very satisfying to recognize that I didn’t need something, to find a better home for it, and occasionally make a little money from my used items.

            This blog is one way I can share my story; one of a new found freedom and the pursuit of happiness. And of course, one of silly, fun, and challenging adventures of living aboard a boat.  

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  1. Patti Frank

    How exciting, this voyage of yours!

    I’m looking forward to sharing your adventure and hope your trip encourages others to see how living simply is freeing. My favorite book ever is Travels With Charley. Now you’re experiencing Sailing With Dory–I hope your voyage is as memorable and joy-giving as Charlie.” I suspect it will be.

    If you get to Beaufort, NC, pls. let me know. Hot shower and washer & dryer await.

    Fair winds…

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