I Miss The Ocean

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I step across a piece of the ocean each time I return home to my boat. And yet I still miss experiencing it and all it has to offer. Caught up in the race to prosper, achieve, produce, I am diverted from my goal of simple living with an emphasis on connecting with nature. A girlfriend, Rebekah, who lives in the mountains visited me the other day and mentioned how much she missed the ocean. I looked out at the horizon, just outside my “backdoor” and breathed a sigh and said, “me too.”


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  1. Douglas

    Ahoy Teresa, Much ,Good On You !

    I hope to find out more about you and your endevors, all the while wishing you , more of the same, great feelings , that motivate, you with your Norsea 27′ .

    I have been sharing info with Ben on S/V Elizabeth, and I suspect that ,,, that , info gets to you , too.

    I guess that you are familiar with T C McColum (sp-?) and her voyages, with her in her Flica and her boyfriend in his Norsea 27.

    I wish to welcome you to the “Hess Club” , and can only hope that you get as much pleasure from your boat, as I get from mine .

    Sincerely , Douglas , S/V BCC Calliste , Singapore

  2. Douglas

    Gee Whiz, an after thought ,,,, I found a sailing woman like you, over here in Singapore,,,, as they are few and far between , here.

    She found a Cape Dory Typhoon Weekender in S F , CA , and imported it to here to S’pore, by container.

    She likes to sail it regularly , here in Asia,,,, I am always ready to crew for her, but she is a “Bligh” Captain , and I have to duck her direction from time to time.

    Just need to let you know, that please continue to seek your dreams, as it is worth all the effort !

    Also,,, I Miss The Ocean Too ,,,,, Douglas

  3. Douglas

    Ahoy Jim , Vic , and Teresa ,,, we all can understand , what you are about to go thru this winter, but we wish not to have as many “burrrrrr’sssss”,,,,, as you !

    We, All , think that it is important, to catalog , as much as your intuition will allow, for public review.

    Please ,,, stand-by , all your convictions, as they become , your home base !

    Definately, you are one of a chosen few, keep on with your direction, and we will all , thank you, for it !


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