Our Morse Alpha Sail-Training Expeditions Just Got Even Better!

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Guess What!?! Our Morse Alpha Sail-Training Expeditions just got even better.

Some people were asking if we offer ASA certifications. We do not – and you can find out more about why we don’t here.

But, since you asked for it…

As of this summer 2016 we are offering a certificate that will be very valuable when demonstrating skill level on boat insurance, maritime employment, or charter applications.

Our students will understand and demonstrate specific skills to earn the certificate, which will be offered at up to three different levels. The great news is – so far all of our former students advanced enough to earn at least one certificate. Sorry – we aren’t retroactively issuing certificates, but we will give you a letter of sea service if you’ve sailed with us in the past. Just email me and ask for one!


What is the big deal about a certificate, when it is real skill you are after?

Well – I agree completely! You don’t need a certificate to sail a boat. But, then again, I’ve been in this biz for a long time. No one asks me anymore if I know the different between a running light, running fix, or running back. However, many people that are just getting into sailing appreciate the guidance a system like this will provide.

What do I get?

When you finish the course you will be given:

• an official letter of sea service
• a certificate based on what level you accomplished
• a checklist that indicates specifically what skills you mastered and areas for improvement

Our certificate and evaluation will:

• Provide a checklist of skills as a goal and guide for learning.
• Verify your experience and skills for yourself and others to understand
• Serve as a sailing resume for maritime employers, insurance companies, or charter boat companies.
• Give you insight on what to work on next.

When you enroll in our program, you will be sent the curriculum guide (we anticipate it will be finished in a few weeks) so you can prepare in advance and maximize your time sailing with us. We are hoping to add more video lessons to our YouTube channel and provide suggested readings to supplement the curriculum guide. It isn’t required, but why not get ahead on some of the skills before you set sail with us?! In fact, why not start with these:
5 More Essential Knots
An Introduction to Wind Vane Sailing

Why is this different from other certification programs?
I can’t attest to all programs and curricula out there, but from my experience our curriculum is unique because it is flexible as opposed to highly structured. How can we possibly be highly structured while teaching in an environment that is so dynamic? We are not separating our course into different courses such as “basic sailing,” “navigation,” etc. To sail a boat from point A to point B safely, you need have an understanding in all areas of operation. Navigation doesn’t come after points of sail. In fact, if it is foggy and windless on the first day, it will come before points of sail! Additionally, this allows us meet our students where they are at and help them reach their individual goals. Our students are unique with varied backgrounds and talents. Not everyone fits a cookie cutter path to sailing independence.

Whats more – if you aren’t sure you are ready for our course, or if our course will help you advance your skills – we’ve designed a questionnaire to help us place you in a training course to suite you level. We will follow up with some students with a phone call as well. So you can be sure that you will be challenged but not lost on a course with us.

Find out more at www.morsealpha.com

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  1. Dannie

    You are doing a great thing in giving training to those who go out on the sea. You’re so right about never knowing what to expect, but it’s always something and being prepared can save your life

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