Bathroom Talk

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Living simply has its complications. For me, one complication is that I have no toilet. I know its taboo to talk bathroom talk, but I think secretly everyone likes the subject. Its silly, stinky, and is accompanied by sounds that make me laugh. I had a toilet of sorts when I first purchased my boat, but I removed it with …

Why Simple Living?

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When I decided to live on a sailboat, I began sorting through all my belongings to determine what was necessary, as I expected to only have room for the essentials. I never thought that a nice pair of high heels and the ever famous “little black dress” would be considered a “necessity.” And so, yesterday, I found myself at the …

Books (part three of a three part series)

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            The other day I lost my book list.  At that moment, my attachment to the list felt stronger than to any of the books on the list, probably because I couldn’t easily replace it at a Boarders or Barnes and Noble like I could all the others.             I was given a wake-up call when …

I Miss The Ocean

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  I step across a piece of the ocean each time I return home to my boat. And yet I still miss experiencing it and all it has to offer. Caught up in the race to prosper, achieve, produce, I am diverted from my goal of simple living with an emphasis on connecting with nature. A girlfriend, Rebekah, who lives …

Books (part two of a three part series)

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            Since my family’s housefire, I have read and given away 53 books that are listed in chronological order on my book list.  Every time I note a new book, I take a minute to glance at all the books that I had read.  It serves as a sort of timeline for my life.  I can …

The Burden of Choice

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This entry is written by a good friend of mine who is always excellent for meaningful conversations about life, simplicity, happiness, and friendship. I hope Cara continues to offer her voice and insights to my blog. I fully support her thoughts and appreciate her contribution to this dialogue on simplicity.    The Burden of Choice             It’s the era of …

Books (part one of a three part series)

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            Several years ago, on Christmas Eve, my family home caught fire. At the time, I was working for Outward Bound, moving from one basecamp to the next and was home for the Christmas Holiday. Many of my belongings were lost or damaged, and what remained had to be professionally cleaned, then stored until over a …

Ten Things I’ve Learned to Live Without… So Far

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1. Ice cubes, ice cream, popsicles, or anything that goes in a freezer 2. Warm running water 3. Television 4.  Clothing closet and dresser drawers 5.  Automobile 6.  Oven and microwave and all other kitchen appliances 7. Hairdryer 8. Bathtub 9. Computer printer 10. Chair and a coffee table to prop my feet on