The Payoff – Quest for An Iceberg

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From Windcheck Magazine, October 2011

“The easy way to see an iceberg up close is to climb aboard a sightseeing boat, but Teresa Carey and Ben Eriksen earned their ‘berg – and savored a taste of the purest water in the world – by sailing a 28-foot boat all the way from Long Island to Newfoundland…with a cameraman and a cat! This intrepid couple is also making an independent film about adventure sailing, simple living, and happiness.”

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  1. pat

    You guy’s look So happy,, The pictures alone warm my heart.. That look’s like a great trip to

    take ,what an adventure.. I love sailing and I live in the maritimes,.. but I’ve never had time for

    anything like that, I so envy you guy’s,,. Bet the camera guy was in for a rude awaking with a little

    weather, It’s quite tipical to get some weather off the east coast sounds like a few little rollers LOL.

    Sounds like you guy’y need a good force 10 heater or an airtronic d5 then you could keep warm

    easily even a ways below zero. bout 70 Deg. is nice in the cold HaHa .. love your article it was a

    very well written piece.. Look ing forward to see more from you two in the future..

    Ben & Teresa Wishing you the BEST of luck always!! Keep the wind at your port quarter and

    your shrouds singing a tune you cant go wrong ……..

  2. michael

    most of us will never experience anything like the amazing adventure that Teresa and Ben had in pursuing and finding this enormous iceberg.
    however, everyone who watches this movie will be captivated by the courage and tenacity that Teresa and Ben demonstrated in pursuing one’s dream despite myriad challenges.

    this film inspires us all to turn off the TV, connect with the outdoors and make our dreams(no matter how big or small) come true.

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