Videos! Sailing to Bermuda & Exploring Bermuda

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This started off as a post about videos, but turned into a bit of an update post … to keep you in the loop!

Two New Videos

We’ve been down in the Leeward Islands for a few weeks now… and between a major computer FAIL and a working on a bunch of awesome Hello Ocean projects… we did manage to put together a new video about Bermuda. It’s a bit of a “home-movie” style video, but we thought it’d be nice to share some of the “off-duty” stuff we do… keeping it casual, keeping it real.

Also released a month ago, was our passage to Bermuda video. Lots of great footage there of battling headwinds, cooking underway and calling into Bermuda Radio. Despite some uncomfortable days in the beginning, the passage ended well, and by the time we arrived in Bermuda, we had forgotten all about the misery of Days 1-4 !

Hello Ocean = Lionfish & Sharks!

Hello Ocean our new ocean conservation project has been going full speed ahead since our arrival in St. Martin in late November. We’ve filmed two new episodes: one on the Lionfish Invasion, and another on Shark Protection, and are now busy editing them. Keep an eye out for those videos coming out soon. In the meantime, you can read about our adventures with Hello Ocean through the eyes of Emma our volunteer at the Hello Ocean Blog.



Morse Alpha Expeditions

We have just posted our Summer 2016 Schedule in Maine — eagerly awaited! We’ve had numerous requests for course dates already! I guess that’s a good thing … if you are interested in a course, jump on the Early Bird Discount and save over $200! Offer ends in March.

Check out our Morse Alpha Schedule

Chicago Boatshow

We’ll be at the Chicago boatshow doing 4, no 5 seminars! PLUS a screening of One Simple Question on Thursday. If you are in the area and attending the show, hope you can meet up, watch the movie and attend a seminar or two. Topics will be: Traditional Navigation, Docking Single & Double Handed, Ocean Conservation For The Cruising Sailor, and Egalitarian Cruising For Couples. Find out more at the Strictly Sail Chicago website!


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