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Yesterday afternoon I stretched out in the cockpit of Daphne. My legs propped up on the aft cabin, my arm shading my eyes from the sun, and my gaze brushing across the pages of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. In the past year reading has taken on a new meaning for me.

No longer am I simply enjoying a story, being taken to another world, or learning a bit of history. Now, with every page, with every sentence, I look for a postcard phrase, a bit of ordinary language with rhythm and mystery. And when I find one, I’ll read it over and over. I’ll underline it, dog-ear the page, and occasionally note it on a scrap of paper to save for later reading, like a child saves the pepperoni off their pizza. The best is savored at the end of the meal. And I wonder, “how can I build a striking sentence out of ordinary words, a glittering castle out of limestone?”

A man rowed over and interrupted my thoughts to remind me that I might be doing something right. “Hey! I follow the adventures of Teresa and Daphne,” he shouted. He wasn’t the first blog reader that I have met who expressed gratitude for writing this blog.

During my travels Daphne has been recognized while docked in ports or tucked into tiny coves. She has been spotted from the tops of sky-rise office buildings or motor-boats racing by. I’ve accepted the generosity of others from across a table, through the mail, or via cyber-space, and I am grateful. It is moments like that, when I am reminded that there are many who read my story, that I am encouraged to write more, experience more, dream more, and be more.

Thank you.

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  1. Sparks

    I just started reading your blog as it was suggested by another live aboard. I really enjoy your writing style and the content of your entries. I enjoyed your sailing log and your adventures (even though you might see them as ordinary).

    Keep writing as your writing might be the reason someone else follows their dreams.

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  3. Bryce and Pam

    My wife has been following you for some time now. We met very briefly in Norfolk this spring. As you were passing in you’re dinghy she yelled “I love you’re blog!” Remember the power boat that was anchored there?

    Anyway, keep those post coming!

    m/v YOLO

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  5. Pete Largo

    It’s always good to see what other people are reading. Your blog is cool.


    P.S. I am reading Franny and Zooey by JD Salinger.

  6. Bob

    I do enjoy it. It is a way for us to step away from the desk as we read about your latest thoughts or adventures.
    We’ll be looking for you along the water when you get back south.

  7. Rick Patton

    Teresa, as I read this blog and scroled down to the picture of the sun thru the rigging.. The goosebumps formed.



  8. Chad

    I recognized you and Daphne from the blog in Baltimore. Gotta be one of the most widely read sailing blogs. Keep it up!

    I want an autographed copy of the book!

  9. Mark

    I can imagine the beautiful scene you described. In fact, sounds like many dreams that I have had! What a great sense of peace you so frequently experience – I can’t wait to enjoy this on my own boat someday soon. My wife and I will be scheduling a 3-hour charter with you just as soon as she determines her work schedule. Perhaps then we could discuss your ideas about how to proceed with sailing lessons (slow pace). Until then, I keep learning about navigation on and other sources. You truly live a charmed life and I am grateful that you share it with us all following your website. Thanks, Mark.

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  11. Helen A. Spalding

    Hi, Theresa. I’ve had your blog on my fovorites list for a long time. So long, in fact, that I’ve forgotten how I found it! Probably someone on the Live Aboard forum told me about it. Keep up the good writing and sailing. Only problem is, I wish there were more frequent posts!

  12. Kevin

    And thank you too Teresa! You’ve been an inspiration to our young cruising family. We’re up cruising in your home waters in northern Lake Michigan and Lake Huron and follow your blog from our onboard laptop whenever we have a connection.

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