A Girl Saw

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Gretta stopped in The Sail Loft for a visit. Her father builds wooden boats in the shop below. Barefoot, with long blond hair, little Gretta decided that on this day she would learn to sew a canvas bucket while her brother cut wooden planks for the sailboats downstairs.

“Its like a ‘Girl Saw’,” she said to Sarah. “All the boys work downstairs with the saws and you and Teresa work up here with the sewing machines.”

“No,” said Sarah, “It is like an ‘Opposite Saw.’ Instead of tearing things apart like the saws downstairs, this machine puts things back together.”

I smiled to myself thinking about how lucky I was to be able to sew each day in the company of Sarah.

Presently, months later, I am eager to return for another season of repairing sails, making canvas covers, and enjoying the simplicity of the daily routine. Only this summer, having become fully interested in writing a great work, I plan to work less and write more.

I don’t often check to see how many people return at each posting for a dip into my world. But today, wondering whether people would read more by me, I took a quick look, and was surprised that there are many of you.

If you are enjoying my blog, I would love to have you become more involved! You can post a comment, contribute to the cruising kitty, become a fan on Facebook, subscribe, or all four. You’ll find these in the right sidebar. But more importantly, keep reading and I will try to keep writing.

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  1. Bill

    Hi Teresa,
    My wife and I very much enjoy your blog. It is thoughtful, well written, and inspiring to see your way of life. We too are trying to live simply, and hope to one day soon buy our own sailboat to live aboard.

    If you wrote a book about your travels I would definitely be interested. Per your post last week, my wife is now reading ‘Voyager’.

    Keep it up!

  2. James Schipper

    Checking in. I have been following for a while from St. Petersburg. You’re welcome to stop by here if you ever get to this side of the state. We’re not on the water, but close.

  3. s/v Skylark

    Hello Teresa,
    I have been following for a while now and love reading your work. You have kept me on the edge of my seat a few times as I followed along on your adventures. Will certainly continue to check in and pass the word about your blog to others. Thanks!

  4. Jaime

    Hi, Teresa –

    I started following your blog when my husband & began thinking of becoming liveaboards. We’re still in the decision-making process, looking at boats, learning terminology, considering costs, checking out marinas. It is nice to know that others want to live a simple life & have followed their dreams as well. Thanks.


  5. Samantha

    I live on a sailboat in San Diego Bay with my boyfriend and our dog. I blog about our lifestyle… and I love reading about like-minded people… that’s how I stumbled across your blog 🙂

  6. Kim

    I enjoy reading your posts too, we are in the “same boat” as you ;O) We live aboard with 3 children, it’s only been 8 months for us. Keep on writing! Kim & Rob

  7. Bob

    Enjoyed reading of your journey. I happened upon it from the video of Daphne and you traveling down from up north with Benji.
    Love the boat but love the adventure even more. I worked on the water for a while and we are sailing the NC sounds this spring. Your sail across Pamlico reminds me of the breezes that we’ve had there in the past. Take care

    Bob in SC

  8. Adam

    I just found your blog the other day and am currently reading through it with every spare moment I have! Just wanted to let you know that your story truly is amazing and inspirational.

  9. Rëa Gabriella

    I truly thought there were no more people left in this shrinking world who sail the seas by their wits rather than by their gadgets. I love reading all you write, and as a soul-writer i thrill at reading an excellently written blog full of personal thoughts, philosophies, and emotion. I like that best about the way you write, you let readers see the inside you and all that you are feeling. Some videos would be nice to see also. I would read anything you were to write. I would also like to ask you some seafaring questions. Perhaps i shall email you one of these days.

    ~*~Rëa Gabriella~*~
    from the Bohemian Ometepe island

  10. John

    Even though the last comment was written almost four years ago, your blog continues to inspire those of us afflicted, infected and embraced by the sea.

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