Sleeping Bags Aren’t Just for Sleepovers

Ben Eriksen Carey Words 1 Comment

A stream of conscious … Every night I sleep in a sleeping bag. Most people thinks it’s weird, but it isn’t. Sleeping in a sleeping bag is very practical. It allows me to choose the place I sleep each night. I have the freedom of sleeping by the window on hot nights, or outside where the stars are pretty. I …


Studying for an Upgrade

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I’m busy studying for a 500 ton mate’s license as well as a 200 ton master upgrade. I’m knee deep in the cargo handling section right now. There’s alot of information too absorb, most of it about subjects I have no first hand experience with… like the use of the psychrometric chart to avoid damage to cargo. But it’s interesting, …


Giving The Old Girl A Little Dry Time

Ben Eriksen Carey News 3 Comments

Another summer sailing season is winding down in Maine, although September is absolutely spectacular sailing up here, and the anchorages are empty, so you can easily find a spot in some of those popular spots like Buckle and Pulpit Harbor. But for Norseman 447 Rocinante, she’s found a spot ashore. It’s time to give her bottom a little Vitamin D. It’s been …


New Flares Again?

Ben Eriksen Carey News 7 Comments

Our summer season sailing season is winding down. The past 15 months of living, sailing, working, swimming, hosting, teaching, reefing, and beating into some big waves have been great, but it’s time to give our old girl a rest, some TLC, and a few upgrades. It’s also time for some of the more mundane re-occurring tasks… EPRIB registration renewal, Vessel Documentation renewal, and checking …


Boat stuff for sale! Charts, gear – get it now!

Teresa Carey News 12 Comments

Hi everyone! We are selling some of our charts and gear. Buy it quick before my husband decides to save it! Price includes US shipping. Please inquire about international shipping. How to pay: Email me to tell me what you want. Send payment via Paypal to teresacarey003 at gmail dot com. Or just email me and I’ll send you an …


A Guide About Guide Books

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On a Morse Alpha Sail-Training expedition we were approaching a harbor in typical fashion with a student “Captain of the Day” at the helm. It would be a beautiful anchorage next to one of the quaint fishing villages in Maine, on one of the outermost islands. Everyone was tired. We had just completed our offshore passage, and the watch schedule …


Big Tooth

Teresa Carey Words 7 Comments

Benji and I navigated Rocinante through the labyrinth of coral heads to the sandy-bottom anchorage after a long day underway. With the anchor down, the sail furled, and nothing but bright sun and turquoise around us, we donned our snorkel and mask, and jumped in. As usual, I practiced my free dive a few times. Ben, who is much better …