What Would You Do If You Took A Chance?

What would you do if you felt like you were running on a hamster wheel and going nowhere? Teresa and Ben explain why they decided to change their pace for a while.

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Liebster Award Nomination!

Thank you so much to Tasha who has a beautiful blog over at Turf to Surf. She nominated me for the Liebster award, which means I have to answer her ten questions. 1) Where are you now and where are you headed? I am in the car and headed for the airport to drop off […]

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Do Artists Deserve Support?

How many of you find joy, information, inspiration, or a good laugh from a well written blog or rockin’ YouTube channel? I do! There are some great blogs I follow to help me improve at my job, learn more about writing and the ocean, or just because they are interesting! Well, this blog post is […]

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Looking For Turtles, Finding People & Simplicity

When we were looking for the perfect pilot episode for Ocean Courier, we were led by some expert advise to check out Armila, Panama, a small village on the Caribbean coast who’s beaches host thousands of nesting Leatherback sea turtles every year, in fact they host the most in the world. Perfect! We are buying […]

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The Level of Expectation

Solo sailing has always been a significant part of my sailing education. No other type of sailing even compares to the growth and challenge provided by long-distance solo sailing. When I sold Daphne my biggest concern was that I would lose the skills and perspective that I had developed while on my two-year solo voyage. […]

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Blue Mind – The Book You Must Read #BlueMind

The first time I met J was at Blue Ocean Film Festival in 2012. He was speaking at a dinner and presented a clear blue marble to a person who he felt positively influenced his love for water. He asked us all to pick up our blue marble and hold it to our heart, then […]

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OSQ Making Progress!

We have some wonderful news for the progress of One Simple Question and our friends who are involved with the film. ~ Blue Mind is on the NY Times Bestsellers List: Author Wallace J Nichols is a friend of ours and we are lucky to have him featured in One Simple Question. His insight and […]

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Sound Signals and VHF Protocol in the Fog

Our recent 3 day Morse Alpha sail training expedition in beautiful Maine offered a wide variety of sailing conditions. We saw gusts to 30 knots the first day out, thick fog the second, and light winds the third. The perfect course… a little bit of everything, couldn’t have planned it better myself. We had fun tucking in a 2nd reef, […]

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