Google Hangout: How Do You Prepare for a Voyage?

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Since Ben and I set sail 2 years ago to make One Simple Question we have received thousands of emails from interested, inspired and amazing people. Every single email is a new relationship. Now we want all these people we’ve heard from to connect, discuss, and build stronger, mutually-beneficial relationships. Sooo…we’re going to be doing regular Google Hangouts. Each hangout will start with… you guessed it…ONE SIMPLE QUESTION!

Join us on March 27th at 3pm EDT for our maiden voyage of the OSQ Google Hangouts and get some answers to the question that almost every single person asks: How do you prepare for a voyage?

Click Here on March 27 3pm edt. To Watch The Live Google Hangout: How Do You Prepare for a Voyage?

Click here to watch the March 27 OSQ Hangout: How Do You Prepare for a Voyage?


The best part is, the discussion will be happening LIVE! You can post your questions in the comments below, or you send them via Facebook while the conversation is happening! We will do our best to answer them all.


We’ve invited a panel of expert sailors who have a variety of experience and a lot of insight. Our guests include:

Paul Exner – Paul provides coaching and consulting for the serious sailor. His business Modern Geographic offers sail training expeditions aboard his home built Cape George 31. Paul also contributes regularly to Ocean Navigator Magazine.

Wally Moran – Wally is a charter captain and cruising instructor who travels between the Great Lakes and the Caribbean. He is a Contributing Editor with SAIL Magazine, and is well known for his expert knowledge of both the ICW and Cuba.

Gerry O’Donoghue – Gerry is the former assistant manager at West Marine. He is retired from the Irish Navy. Gerry is currently restoring a Whitby 42.

Ben Eriksen Carey – Ben has significant sailing experience aboard schooners and other traditional vessels. He is a USCG licensed delivery captain. Ben solo sailed his Bristol Channel Cutter for four years before marrying his wonderful wife, Teresa.

Teresa Carey – Teresa is a licensed captain who’s greatest interest is to teach people traditional seamanship skills through programs like Outward Bound, or private instruction. She provides inspirational keynote talks and is a freelance writer.

Click here to watch the March 27 OSQ Hangout: How Do You Prepare for a Voyage?
Click Here on March 27 3pm est. To Watch The Live Google Hangout: How Do You Prepare for a Voyage?

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  1. Ruben

    Estmados Teresa y Ben, gracias por mostrarnos sus sueños logrados y por invitarnos a los seguidores a juntar valor para soltar amarras.
    Es mi deseo navegar a vela, si es posible en un bristol chanel cuter de fibra, Sam Morse, o otro similar, llevando un vida simple y entregando todo lo bueno que hay dentro mio a los demas seres humanos que cruce en mi camino.
    Aun no dispongo de barco, estoy manteniendo mi familia con esfuerso, poseo pocos ahorros y me creo responsable de mi familia.
    Aun con todo , sueño y sueño que ya estoy a bordo capitaneando por otros lugares ese barco velero que me lleve en mi ultimo viaje a la felicidad , a la eternidad…

  2. Walter Livaudais

    Nice! Very informative and enjoyable. Thanks for hosting this get together and allowing others to benefit from the combined experiences of your guest or cohost.

  3. Robert

    great job with the TedX presentation. My wife and I are also educators and have had several sailboats and just recently purchaced a Catalina 30 (Pura Vida) on which my wife twin 6 yearolds and I live most of the summer. The Cat 30 is far from a blue water boat, however, for inland sailing on the great lakes it has been a great liveaboard boat for the four of us. And the price was right. Many people have commented to me that the price of even smaller bluewater boats scares them away from their dream of living aboard a boat. A good live aboard does not need to be a $40,000 25-35 boat. Our 1983 cat 30 has taken my family on some great adventures and will provide many more in the future. There are great ways of staying on a boat very inexpensively. This would be a great topic for discussion. Affordable blue water boats; they are hard to find.

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