Full keel and long waterline

Best Features of an Offshore Blue Water Boat – Part I – The Exterior

Ben Eriksen Carey Words 47 Comments

Our former boats — Elizabeth, a Bristol Channel Cutter 28 and Daphne, a Nor’sea 27 were fantastic blue water boats! Both designed by Lyle Hess, they are hard acts to follow. Both were built like tanks, and made to go anywhere. In this post I want to talk about a few of their on deck features we really liked, which …


Telltale Signs of a Boat Not to Buy!

Ben Eriksen Carey Words 43 Comments

How do you know when you’re about to be scammed by someone trying to sell you their boat? The first sign happened when I got out of the car and my wife turned to me and said, “Ben, I just saw him pump a ton of water from the bilge.” I told Teresa to keep quiet and have an open …