Do Artists Deserve Support?

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How many of you find joy, information, inspiration, or a good laugh from a well written blog or rockin’ YouTube channel? I do! There are some great blogs I follow to help me improve at my job, learn more about writing and the ocean, or just because they are interesting! Well, this blog post is written because I need your …


Mowat Moments

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It is decided that my new favorite author is Farley Mowat. After having read and reread the expressions that Coelho inspires me with, I have found an author with a different sort of inspiration. I can’t say that Mowat’s adventures inspire me because of his flawless skills or his admirable courage and he certainly doesn’t compare to Coelho’s ability to …

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99th Anniversary of the Titanic Tragedy

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In the Oceanography course I teach at a high school we are studying the development of echo sounders and their influence on bathymetry and the charting of the seafloor. Believe it or not, the tragic sinking of the RMS Titanic was very instrumental in stimulating research that developed technology for more rapid mapping of the seafloor. It was called an …