Unleashing Women’s Sailing Potential

Ben Eriksen Carey Words 18 Comments

Unleashing Women’s Potential, originally published in Blue Water Sailing December, 2012 “You’ve got to let me put a few holes in the boat,” I told Ben while wielding the drill in my left hand and positioning it against the bulkhead of his Bristol Channel Cutter, Elizabeth. After several years of solo sailing, Ben and I had finally decided to transition …


Ready to take on the world!

Teresa Carey Words 22 Comments

Jessica Watson is a sixteen year old girl who recently completed an amazing solo sail around the world. Her circumnavigation was accomplished without stopping at all. Only a few days ago I was able to speak to Jessica and ask her some questions about her adventure, future plans, and of course simplicity. What impressed me most about Jessica is her …

Women in the Yachting Industry

Teresa Carey Words 22 Comments

Dear Ms. Kate Lardy, Recently a friend gave me an April 2010 copy of Dockwalk, thinking I might be interested as my career and passion is with the sea. After perusing one issue, I was extremely disappointed by the representation of women captains among its pages. Especially page 21-24, the “Dockshots” and photos of crew attending the Miami Boat Show. With only two exceptions, all the captains, …