The Spark That Set Things In Motion

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Is it true that you always return to the place which you started?

I’ve heard that said before and seldom thought twice about it. I’ve always looked ahead. Onward and upward. But sometimes, the place you started still holds that initial spark that set things in motion. Its the place that fosters that spirit of curiosity, or indoctrinates passion for a lifestyle, or schools you in the skills required to move ahead. Sometimes its important to return there to get these very same things that compelled us to move forward in the first place.

For us, that place is aboard a certain type of vessel who’s helm we continue grasp in our mind, if not our hands. With both our boats sold, Benji and I are returning to our sailing roots: aboard traditionally rigged wooden and engineless vessels on the coast of Maine.

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Its aboard Schooners and Pulling Boats that Ben and I learned the art of traditional navigation, of splicing and serving, of rowing for hours, of stargazing, and of smelling the trees through the fog. For Ben, it was his first and most influential experience. But I can’t give all the credit to Maine and wooden boats without also mentioning my parents.

Benji and I are on the rocky granite coast once again. We’re loading up our sea duffels with clothing and our spackle buckets with food provisions, and getting ready to head out to sea for the next six weeks.

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  1. Katie

    T! AHH PB’s. I was looking at the hiobs facebook updates this weekend during staff training and I wanted to pack my bag and drive up to WB… But alas, I now have a life 🙁 – no I am very happy but those were the days! I hope that some day I will again teach a course or two a summer. I’ll be one of “those” instructors we hated that will come back to relive their OB glory days… oh well, that stuff just sticks.

  2. Tom

    Following you closely! I have read everything that I can lay my hands on and will be looking for a live-aboard boat for myself and 13 year old daughter very soon… your blog has had a lot to do with my decision, so Thanks!
    See you at sea!

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