You Got It!

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I awoke at five o’clock in the morning with hopes of favorable wind. Fifteen knots on the starboard quarter would blow me to Atlantic City just past nightfall. I shoved off only fifteen minutes later. My anchor was lashed securely to the bowsprit so it would not swing around, my compass was lit with a red glow, and I was headed for the narrow drawbridge that the bridge-tender kindly opened for me at such an early slumbering time.

With the bridge fully opened it still left only a small gap for my mast to pass through. I would have to stay close to the wall to squeeze by. I made it through when I entered the cove the day before, surely I could make it out now. But as I approached, a cross current pressed gently and evenly on the beam of my boat so that I was slowly, subtly, twisting and moving sideways. It wasn’t until I was just close enough where there wasn’t enough room to circle around that I noticed my boat would be too far angled to make it through the bridge. I first reversed, then tried again, then reversed again, and tried a third time. A car honked at me. As I made it through on my third attempt, I raised my fist in triumph. “You got it!” The bridge-tender shouted down to me.   

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  1. BK

    T, I was holding my breath!!!
    I think of you and wonder where you are every single day.
    I’m with you in Spirit.
    Take good care.
    Keep the sun in your face and the wind at your back!
    Hugs to Dory!!

  2. maggie

    Wow, you are truly an inspiration! I am preparing for a life of cruising aboard our cutter. I say our coz I’m only one part of the team, and I have thought over the scenario (usually after a fight) if I would be able to do this by myself. You make me think I can.

  3. Alicia Petty

    Glad you made it!!!! I miss you so much and think of you every day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I hope it is a wonderful day for you. I will call you tonight! Can’t wait to hear ALL of your stories about this voyage. LOVE YOU.

  4. JP Gaillard

    Hey, I also got held up in Atlantic City during a storm. It is a truly depressing place. Watch out for yourself there. You’re better off skipping it and going to Cape May which is very pretty.

    I am leaving the US coast Saturday for St. Martin. I think I had enough of the cold weather around here…

    See you some day down there maybe!

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