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How Do You See The Ocean?

Teresa Carey Video 6 Comments

Ben and I heard of this amazing film festival that is focused entirely around one topic….the OCEAN! And since we are also making a film about the ocean, we decided we would try to attend. Unfortunately, its on the other side of the country. But fortunately for us, they are holding a Youtube video contest where the winner will get …

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To See Where It All Came From

Teresa Carey Video, Words 5 Comments

Its always good to go back to the place where you began. For Ben, thats aboard schooners. He began his sailing career as a mess mate aboard the Lewis R. French, and this summer, he returned to lend a hand as relief crew (mate, deckhand, navigation instructor, and mess mate) aboard the French and the schooner Mary Day. It was …

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Non-Toxic Merry

Teresa Carey Video 7 Comments

I’ve always been focused on living a healthy lifestyle. After-all, a healthy body directly enhances the quality of life and level of happiness. But with all those warnings and labels, its hard to know what products are safe for my body and home. Merry O’Brien is an expert in non-toxic lifestyle products. She and I went to Whole Foods where …

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viaDe Travel Video!!

Teresa Carey Press, Video 10 Comments

A few weeks ago I spoke with Lars from viaDe Travel. ViaDe Travel is a new social community for people who love to travel. People can share their story there, and learn from other travelers. The site also connects people with tourism boards and travel industry professionals to help people plan their next adventure. Lars and I spoke for a …

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Staying Warm in Winter

Teresa Carey Video 13 Comments

Here is a video response to a question posted in the comments by a blog reader. It was fun to make. Send some more questions, and I try to post a video response!


TEDx Inspires Me! -Watch Teresa’s TEDx talk

Teresa Carey Press, Video 33 Comments

A few months ago I received a voicemail from Kelly in Traverse City, Michigan. In her message, she briefly explained a conference where I was invited to give a short 12 minute presentation. At first thought I was only mildly interested. It was a long way to travel. Besides, what can I say in only 12 minutes anyway? But when …

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Flying the Kite Cam!

Teresa Carey One Simple Question Movie, Video 6 Comments

Plans for One Simple Question are fully underway. The creative minds of Reach Within Productions and Doctrine Creative have teamed up with Ben and I to create a dynamic film. Just today, I was out on the lawn flying the kite/camera for the first time. I love kites, but this one was especially amazing! The camera hung from the kite …