To See Where It All Came From

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Its always good to go back to the place where you began. For Ben, thats aboard schooners. He began his sailing career as a mess mate aboard the Lewis R. French, and this summer, he returned to lend a hand as relief crew (mate, deckhand, navigation instructor, and mess mate) aboard the French and the schooner Mary Day. It was …

Staying Warm in Winter

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Here is a video response to a question posted in the comments by a blog reader. It was fun to make. Send some more questions, and I try to post a video response!

TEDx Inspires Me! -Watch Teresa’s TEDx talk

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A few months ago I received a voicemail from Kelly in Traverse City, Michigan. In her message, she briefly explained a conference where I was invited to give a short 12 minute presentation. At first thought I was only mildly interested. It was a long way to travel. Besides, what can I say in only 12 minutes anyway? But when …

NEW VIDEO: Liveaboard Life

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The following video was made to follow the previous video by Kirsten from Fair Companies,¬†a vlog centered around sustainable culture. I answered a lot of Kirsten’s questions and was excited and interested to see how she would arrange my thoughts into one short video. Thanks again, Kirsten, for making such a beautiful video!

Liveaboard Life: Minimalism in a Tiny Home at Sea

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The following video was made by Kirsten from Fair Companies.¬†Kirsten contacted me because she is currently interested in how and why people live in small spaces. Daphne surely is a small home. Fair Companies is a vlog centered around sustainable culture. It’s full of interesting videos! Thank you, Kirsten, for making this video that is a glimpse into my world.

I made a video!

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I have been exploring other creative sides lately and playing a bit with video making. I have made several and decided to make a short one for this blog. Life Aboard SV Daphne can be found on my SailingSimplicity YouTube channel, or on the side bar of this blog. Let me know what you think! Teresa