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The following video was made to follow the previous video by Kirsten from Fair Companies, a vlog centered around sustainable culture. I answered a lot of Kirsten’s questions and was excited and interested to see how she would arrange my thoughts into one short video. Thanks again, Kirsten, for making such a beautiful video!

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  1. vester

    You bring up very interesting points about the “things” we come to depend on, that are really not necessities. These ancillary things are not vital and could be done without with a bit of thought, and just parting with them. I like the way you are positive about your lifestyle, and am frankly a bit envious. Keep doing what you do. It inspires others to dream and possibly to action. It’s nice to see a female that is obviously intelligent and not just window dressing for some pointless video. Wishing you a great future.

  2. Michelle

    Excellent video! Sailing is so amazing but even more so is being able to live aboard. The sailing life is such a great example of sustainable living for those who live on the land. Thanks for sharing such a great and informative story.

  3. Rob

    Nice video! thanks for sharing it! I just love Dory! And the weather for the trip? Wow! it couldnt happen to a nicer person. thanks again for sharing!

    1. Post

      Did you also see the other video that Fair Companies made for me? Its at this link:

      I’m glad you like the vid. She really did a great job making it.

      No, I wasn’t using swellwatch, but I will now! Thanks for the tip! But I do think swellwatch is more geared toward surfers.

      I use and

      I hope this helps. We used both of these sites for all of our travels.


      1. Jonathan


        My wife and I have been fans of yours since we first started thinking about living aboard. You helped us to make the leap and buy our first sailboat, an ODay 34. You can read about us on the web site link I provided, we hope to one day run into you and Daphne one of these days.

    1. Post
  4. Javier


    i love your videos and your lifestyle. Someday i will buy a sailboat and live like you.
    Greetings from Colombia.

    Felicidad y éxitos en tus aventuras,


    1. Post
  5. Ferd

    Great vids! You make us landlubbers jealous! I saw your story on the TC Record-Eagle. Yours is a truly intriguing life. Love the fact that you’re from Michigan. Did you go to UM? Thought I saw you wearing a UM tshirt. What are your long term plans? Does it involve blogging/vlogging?

    Good luck and best wishes!


    1. Post

      Go Blue! Hail to the victors!!!

      Long term? Well, I’m a part of an exciting film project. We are currently trying to raise funds and will start production in June. Check it out at

      I would like to contine bloggin/vlogging and also finish the book I’m writing.


  6. Douglas

    Love the new video. As far as the engine stuff, I have found that most mechanics will be glad to talk engines if you show interest. I know you have the book for your engine. I have been told that excessive chafing is usualy caused by a pully or guide that is out of alignment. One solution i have heard is to rub a bit of dark colored candle wax on the area that tends to chafe and look for where it rubs off. I am still living in a 1 bedroom apartment and because of financial limits, i usually have just the computer turned on during the day when i am here and the computer and 1 light at night. So far, i have my gas and electric bill down to $36/month. Would be curious what the bill would be on Daphnee if you had to pay for the electric instead of generating it. Keep up the new site, the changes so far have been all good.

  7. Terry

    Hello, I’m Terry in Kentucky. Watching you makes me sad I haven’t done anything with my life but its never to late. One thing I do do like you and that’s the fact I don’t have a lot a stuff. Living life simple without clutter. Anyway, wanted to ask you a question. I’m sure you know quiet a bit about sailboats and what size and make of sailboat do you like the best for what your doing ? Would you buy the same boat you have now or is there another you like better ? I’ll be watching your adventure as I begin a new one for myself. Thanks in Advance . Terry

  8. Jason Rolph

    There is a lot of stuff sitting behind the following comment….my life is about to change and change for the better. And I have you to thank for this. Proof that what I’ve wanted to do for years CAN be done. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to pursue my dream. I am in love with everything you are doing.


  9. Gregory

    I just wanted to say thank you for posting such an interesting sailing video. I have been dreaming of a live aboard life style for a very long time. Now there is little holding me back. I am guessing I will be moving on board in the next 2-3 years. Again, thank you so much!

  10. Betty V

    Hi Terry, I am so happy for you and know my school friend, the original Daphne, must be looking down on you, so happy and proud.

    It is a privilege to share this experience with you. I wish I could join you in the Bahamas!

  11. Lucy

    Wow! Awesome! What a life you have made for yourself and your delight in it is lovely. I havent got the skills to sail a boat but if I could harness half the delight you have I would be very happy. I enjoyed discovering you on youtube its put a real smile in my day. Best wishes :0)

  12. mark


    Its refreshing to find someone else thinking of floating sustainable communities and voluntary simplicity in the context of a float plan… I manifested the Spiritwind 11 years ago and keep Walden Pond next to heavy weather storm tactics…. 🙂

    We are on similar paths.



  13. Chris

    I have listen to your words and use them as my north star for guidance.
    my boat I bought ready for the scrap yard and like me I wanted to have a beautiful life click together my boat and I and your words will give me the life and dream I’ve always wanted.
    I so agree on having more is not all that and having lots of material things will not make you happy at the end of your life on earth .It is the memories you take with you at the end is what I consider true happiness. I have had lots and lots of material things in my life but this adventure of living on a 30 foot Columbia. is by far the most exhilarating adventure in my life so far. this small boat has made me more happy than any material thing I have purchased in life. I’m thinking the freedom of the water is a beautiful thing.
    Thank You, Chris of Fort Myers Fl.

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