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Several readers are curious about my cat’s name…

Dory Rare

Yes, my cat has a first and a last name but his namesake is not of salty origins. He was not named after the fish, nor is he named after the flat-bottom rowboat that fishermen in New England commonly used. Many people assume that because I am called to the sea, my cat is also called to the sea and therefore has a seafaring name. However beautiful that would be, my cat does not get his name from something nautical.

Dory was named after a midwife who’s name is Dora Rare. In fact, Dory was called Dora for the first two weeks that I had him. Then I found out she was a he, and so Dora became Dory. And it suits him well.

Dora Rare is a fictional character in the book “The Birth House,” a novel about a midwife living long ago in a seaport community in Nova Scotia. So, I guess in a sense, it is a seafaring name. I picked up the book while traveling in Nova Scotia, eager to read something about the land I was visiting and by a local author. I was very pleased with my selection and I highly recommend this book. I couldn’t put it down, and finished it in just a few days. Not many books persist in holding my attention like that. “The Birth House” is an exceptional book.

When I finished reading the book, I noted it in my book list and passed it along to a friend, and asked her that when she finished reading it that she would do the same. She called today to let me know that she loves it too!


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  1. Douglas

    Ahoy Dory and Teresa ,,,, just finished re-reading a short story in that book I have already mentioned, authored by Frank Bullen, that story is titled ” Cats Onboard Ship”, and it is his recollection, of sea faring cats that took a shine to him on some of his voyages. Great narrative descriptions of them, and their situations.

    ie: ….. “, but of all the pets made by Jack (a sailor) none ever attains so intimate an acquaintaince with him, so firm a hold upon his affections, as the cat, about whom so many libellous things are said ashore.” ………

    Ben has made much use of the skills that Rosie has,,,, do you know how he got those skills ?


  2. Rosie

    Ahoy Douglas! Rosie here… if you are referring to my Machine Shop/CAD/Fabrication skills, I’m an experimental physicist by profession, and before that had a brief stint as machinist. So when I’m not designing and building parts for experimental research, I’m designing/building bicycle parts, a pair of wedding rings, chainplates for Ben’s BCC, etc….

    Regards from Boston!

  3. Capt. Jim Green

    Hi, I just finished reading the novel “Overboard” by Hank Searls, 1977. I would highly recommend this book. It has many disguised tips about cruising built into the story, and they had a cat on board, M. le Chat.

  4. Sonja

    I forgot I wanted to ask, where are you from in Michigan? I’m from up near Traverse City, but I went to college up in Marquette. Although I live in my van and travel wherever (currently FL), Michigan will always be my home! My boyfriend built his boat that is up there and I got to sail on the Manitou double-masted Schooner in TC last summer. I’m not a sailor, but I even got to steer at the helm. 🙂 It was lots of fun!

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