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I have been exploring other creative sides lately and playing a bit with video making. I have made several and decided to make a short one for this blog. Life Aboard SV Daphne can be found on my SailingSimplicity YouTube channel, or on the side bar of this blog. Let me know what you think!


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  1. Greg

    Nice video! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now, it’s been a big inspiration for me as I save up for my first live-aboard sailboat. I can’t wait to see more vids! Best of luck!

  2. Rui and Helena

    We are sailers from Portugal and we enjoyed your video it was great.
    If you ever cross the Atlantic to this side let us know.

    Great job

  3. Jerrett

    I’d like to watch but I live in Germany and I’m getting blocked by youtube!

    “This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is no longer available in your country.”

  4. tod gemanica

    Great job on the video! You and the cat and the boat are so cute! I have been following your blog and it is an inspiration to armchair sailors and wannabe liveaboards and would-be voyagers everywhere. Keep blogging and posting the excellent vids!
    tod germanica

  5. Phil

    Love the video, looking forward to more of your blog.

    Was a voyager of on my own, back in the 60/70’s. Now I enjoy your’s.


  6. Bob Hartman

    Teresa…from one “NorSea er” (Ariel, NS #43) to another, great video! Poor ole Ariel is tucked under her winter cover up here in Northern Michigan waiting for soft water again. Your video helps with these short winter days and long winter nights. Good luck on your travels.

    Bob Hartman

  7. david

    Hi Teresa,

    I live on my NS27 in AK in the summer and heat with the same cozy cabin heater. Mine smokes and doean’t heat much. How about yours?


  8. Bob Frak

    Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas to You and Dory. I found your blog through your video and read it start to finish the first night. Considering what you have done on your own (with credit to your parents for raising a strong, confidant woman) I’ll go along with the “Super Woman” status. I did enjoy the stories of your meetings and adventures so far. The thing I noticed missing except for a few brief moments are your feelings and thoughts. As an intelligent, educated woman taking such a big turn in life you must at times have doubts and struggles along with revelations as you evolve on this journey. I do understand if those moments are private and you do not wish to share them. It truly would make a fantastic book. I do hope your keeping a diary along with your log. I know you won’t fail in your quest. I wonder where your “finish line” will be and when you’ll cross it?
    I’ve sailed for forty years but have always anchored in the 8 to 5 world of responsibility. I’m beginning to doubt if I’ll ever make the move you have and I have moments of giving up the dream. Your quest fills our hearts with joy and good wishes for you. Fair wind and following seas, oh and that job thing too. Good Luck in the new year.
    Bob S/Y Alegria

  9. Randy and Jan Harlan

    Hi Theresa,
    It was great to find your website in the very nice Express Article. We are sailors and have a Downeast 32 S/V “Crystal Blue” stored in Florida for the time being. In 1976 we went and looked at the Nor’Sea 27 prototype in San Diego. We thought it was the perfect boat for us, but “settled” for an Ericson 27 which we sailed all over the Great Lakes. We traded that for a Pearson 30, also “Crystal Blue” which we sold in the 90’s but which is still berthed in Elk Rapids. We took the DE32 Crystal Blue down the ICW in 2001 in November as you have done. We sailed the Bahamas for the next two winters and made many friends. We did meet Ed and Ellen on their Nor’Sea 27 in 2003 while anchored at Black Point, Exumas. It is a great life you have chosen. We just wanted you to know that you have the right idea and wish you all the best on your quest.
    Best Regards, Randy and Jan Harlan s/v “Crystal Blue”

  10. John McCahan

    Greetings from Boyne City. You are missing all the snow here in Northern Michigan. Saw the article in Northern Express and the cool video. Sail safe. My wife and I did the ICW trip in 1997, then went to the Bahamas. We spent 10 winters on the boat in the Bahamas and then the Eastern Carribean. Wish we could have done it at your age, but at least we got there for a while. You and Ben should really try to get over to the Bahamas and just enjoy. It can be cold in tne Northern Bahamas (especially) but most days are really nice. It will warm up by March, and April and May are just ideal.

  11. Ken Gibson

    Hi Teresa,

    I just saw your video for the first time — very informative and well done. One question: Can you explain the solar panel — how much electricity you get, how long you can store it, and what it runs on your boat. Thanks.


  12. Post

    The solar panel is 180 watts. So far it has been effective in keeping my refrigerator cool, my depth sounder and nav lights working, as well as my computer and cell phone charged. That is all I use it for. I have two batteries, a house battery and one for the engine. The panel is connected to the house battery only. Everything I have running on it is very efficient and low-draw, but the refrigeration is the biggest draw. When its running, I have to be more conscience of energy usage. On cloudy days, I have less power.

  13. stoffer123

    Hey Teresa,

    Excellent clip loved it.
    I’m not sure how I found you blog, I think it had something to do with the name. “Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness” which came up on a Google search, so I started reading and really enjoyed it.
    Then i see your friends with Nick from Big Oceans who is a good friend of mine. “Small World” lol keep up the good work I look forward to another clip.

    Chris. S/V Asylum. Australia

  14. Markley Gordon

    I think this video is excellent, very professional. Well edited, great music and really gives the excitement and essence of what you are doing. Hope you do more.

  15. Post
  16. Berk

    Hey Teresa!

    I like your blog it is inspiring me too much. but because I am in Germany I couldn’t watch this video on youtube (This video contains content from SME. It is not available in your country.) 🙁 Could you upload it to another video website when you have the chance to do that?



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