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We are finally coming up for air. It’s been a busy few months indeed with young Havenator hanging around the house looking for food and a place to sleep. He’s particularly fond of pooping his pants and as far as pitching in and helping with chores around the house — less than helpful.

But now that we’re getting good at this infant care thing, we’ve actually found time to go to work and edit a few videos. This seemingly dormant blog, may yet come to life again. Who knows.

Last summer during our Morse Alpha Expeditions, we shot some footage with the GoPro with the intention of releasing one video per expedition as a keep-sake, montage style video for our students. Upon finishing up the first two episodes, we decided they might be enjoyable to watch by the general public. So here are two, and there are more in the pipeline. Please watch, like and subscribe to our channel on YouTube and let us know if you think they are general public worthy, or if we should just keep them amongst ourselves and students. Thanks.

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    Hi Ben
    Dont have your email address..but opened the new Sentinel today and there was an article by your dad!! A reprint from theCS Journal Sept 96. So nice to see his name..and a wonderful read. Tell me if you get this. Hugs to Teresa and Haven

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