Anchor Communication

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Too much yelling while anchoring? Try this tried and true method for ghosting in silently, and getting underway without waking your neighbors. Search for anchoring information and you’ll likely find article after article discussing the virtues of an anchor, windlass, or other gadget. Get a few sailors together and inevitably someone asks, “What anchor do you have,” launching a long …


Studying for an Upgrade

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I’m busy studying for a 500 ton mate’s license as well as a 200 ton master upgrade. I’m knee deep in the cargo handling section right now. There’s alot of information too absorb, most of it about subjects I have no first hand experience with… like the use of the psychrometric chart to avoid damage to cargo. But it’s interesting, …


Giving The Old Girl A Little Dry Time

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Another summer sailing season is winding down in Maine, although September is absolutely spectacular sailing up here, and the anchorages are empty, so you can easily find a spot in some of those popular spots like Buckle and Pulpit Harbor. But for Norseman 447 Rocinante, she’s found a spot ashore. It’s time to give her bottom a little Vitamin D. It’s been …