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Dive deep into the substance of sailing’s most engaging topics. During The Morning Muster we catch up with cruisers, maritime professionals, old salts, and the lessons the ocean had in store for them.

You can find the Morning Muster wherever you get your podcasts.

The Morning Muster

Check out the first episode… an in depth discussion about choosing, maintaining and setting cruising sails with sailmaker Jamie Gifford of Sailing Totem and racer/cruiser Andy Cross, editor of 48º North.

You can find out more about the guests on this episode:
Jamie Gifford of Sailing Totem
Andy Cross of Rolling with Yahtzee

Other Episodes:

Cruising Lessons Learned Offshore
Valuable insight from two sailors Stephanie Ferrie & Glenn Robbins, who recently made their first offshore passages. Some tips, and suggestions for your own passages, and interesting stories. This was recorded in February 2020, and things have changed a bit since then. But the value of this podcast is timeless

Nighttime & Limited Visibility (Fog) Sailing
A look at operating in limited visibility with Captains Dan Pease and Julia Carleton. Teresa will talk with them about what’s on their mind when the fog rolls in, and rules they follow to stay safe.

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  1. Bill Norrie

    Thank you Ben and Teresa,
    Terrific conversation. I just finished my second circumnavigation this last one Eastabout in the Southern Ocean in our SV Pixie. She is a BCC28 hull #102
    We have Hasse and Co. Sails from Port Townsend and I LOVE the topic of Downwind Trade wind sailing . Would love to speak with you of the same . Pixie is a BCC28 , so we are related by Elizabeth and Pixie . Maybe we could talk ?
    Yours Sincerely,
    Bill Norrie.

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