Six Things We Love About Our Norseman 447

We are just about 2 years into ownership of Rocinante our Norseman 447. In that time we’ve sailed her just about 8,000 nm and we’ve gotten to know her a bit better. She’s a lot different than our previous boats, but still considered a classic… one of Bob Perry’s best designs. She sails and handles wonderfully in all […]

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The Gray Area Between a Superstar and a Fool

I’ve noticed a strange phenomena that I believe is due to the rise in sailing Youtubers and bloggers like myself. More and more sailors are going to sea without any training at all. They decide to take the leap, move aboard a boat and set sail. I’ve seen it over and over – praise given […]

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How to Ring in The New Year

I love New Years. I’m almost certain it is my favorite holiday. I don’t like to stay up late, I don’t love fireworks, and I’m not a drinker, but still – I love celebrating the new year. It all began six years ago when I made a resolution and stuck with it. I designed the […]

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Videos! Sailing to Bermuda & Exploring Bermuda

This started off as a post about videos, but turned into a bit of an update post … to keep you in the loop! Two New Videos We’ve been down in the Leeward Islands for a few weeks now… and between a major computer FAIL and a working on a bunch of awesome Hello Ocean projects… we […]

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I’ve been on both sides of #GivingTuesday – as a fundraiser asking for donations, and as a donor, supporting a cause, a creative project, or just a friend. I know how hard it is to ask and also how hard it is to give. I’ve benefited from the outcomes of a successful fundraiser – such […]

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Sailing to Bermuda: Weather Planning

We left Fishing Bay at around 1500. A few hours after we planned, but for good reason. There were some last minute projects to take care of… final installation of the Monitor control lines, pad eyes for better dinghy lashing angles as well as going over sea-cock locations and our new Viking 8 Person Liferaft deployment […]

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Video: Near Gale Sailing

With Joaquin threatening to interrupt our Morse Alpha Sail-training passage by forecasting landfall on the New England coast (in more than one of the models), we knew we needed to be prepared for the worst, which meant getting to a solid hurricane hole. Still, the sail would be tough. We carefully measured the conditions – […]

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Right Sized Boating

VOYAGING ON A BOAT is a good metaphor for the voyage of life. Stowage space is minimal, requiring the distilling down of possessions to only the most important. Things that break easily, have no useful purpose, or have to be carefully handled are left behind. The same principle that applies to possessions also applies to relationships and activities. For activities this means clearing out the […]

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