Why Cruising Isn’t Enough

Most of my sailing life has been in education. I’ve spent many years teaching teens, adults, men, and women how to sail coastal, offshore, in big ships, in tiny lifeboats. One day I thought – there must be something more. So, I decided to purchase Daphne and move aboard. My goal was to experience life at sea […]

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Inquiry Is a Far Greater Adventure

After only about a year of cruising, I was introduced to the idea of BCS – or – bored cruiser syndrome. Yes, apparently this exists. Sailors get bored?! Evidently, aside from a few variations in color, the horizon tends to look the same no matter what day of the passage it is. This in fact […]

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The Knot You Never Thought You Needed

The best knot stays tied when you need it to, and easily loosens when you’re ready to untie it. Each knot has a special purpose and function. Knots that require tension, such as a sheepshank, will fall apart when slackened. A knot improperly tensioned will capsize or bend out of shape

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Yea Water, Yea Happy – How The Water Lifts Our Spirits

Originally published in Maine, Boats, Homes & Harbors Magazine, January 2015 Last summer I was teaching an Outward Bound course in a pulling boat off the coast of Maine when the students lost their way in the thick fog. My co-instructor and I told them to stop sailing, drop the anchor, and figure out where […]

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Getting to Know You Rocinante

A Look at the boat in more detail begins with pulling the chainplates and rebuilding the windlass. Last spring’s “shake down” from Panama to Maine went off without a hitch. Before we left, we checked the boat pretty carefully, but didn’t tackle anything except the essentials. After 3,000 miles, and some of the biggest waves […]

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March Madness – Still Snowing, Lots To Do

In an effort to share a little bit more of the day to day, I’ll be posting some shorter posts here chronicling our journey…hopefully not in a lackluster fashion. hen I lived aboard Elizabeth during the winter in Martha’s Vineyard and Long Island – March was about when you begin to go mad. Winter Mad. […]

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What Scares You While Sailing?

I had the opportunity to speak on the women sailors panel moderated by Pam Wall at the Chicago Boat Show. A question was asked of the panel, “As a woman, what is it that scares you while sailing?” I was thankful that I was the last to respond to the question. While everyone else shared […]

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Spaceships, Rock Bands and Namesakes

It is about time we tell you all why we have named our boat Rocinante. Nope, she is not named after Don Quixote’s work horse. Our boat is named after a spaceship. (I never thought I would utter those words together in one sentence. Ever.) Yes it’s true, Rocinante’s namesake comes from the story told […]

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