More Checklists and a Video!

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Sailors love checklists! When we first talked about our Boat Check many of you asked for more details. Well – you asked, and we responded….finally! “Boat check” is something that the off-going watch does before they are relieved of their duties. It takes about 15-20 min to do a thorough job. Our watch schedule on our sail training expeditions is usually 6 …


Our Morse Alpha Sail-Training Expeditions Just Got Even Better!

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Guess What!?! Our Morse Alpha Sail-Training Expeditions just got even better. Some people were asking if we offer ASA certifications. We do not – and you can find out more about why we don’t here. But, since you asked for it… As of this summer 2016 we are offering a certificate that will be very valuable when demonstrating skill level …


Just One Small Thing I Can Do

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This is a journal entry from one of my students. She is 15 years old and shared it with me at the end of her course so I could share it with you. She was inspired by the ocean and hopes that her journal entry will inspire you as well. I’m sharing it here – these are her words. Wednesday …


5 Reasons Why The SOS Distress Light Should Be Your Next Purchase. Bonus – coupon code included!

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Once in a while, something genius is invented and it catches my attention. That’s what happened with the new SOS Distress Light. The SOS Distress light is an electronic flare that replaces your flare kit. It meets the USCG requirement and far exceeds them. 1) Safe to use. Wouldn’t you rather be holding a light that doesn’t get hot or …


Six Things We Love About Our Norseman 447

Ben Eriksen Carey Words 13 Comments

We are just about 2 years into ownership of Rocinante our Norseman 447. In that time we’ve sailed her just about 8,000 nm and we’ve gotten to know her a bit better. She’s a lot different than our previous boats, but still considered a classic… one of Bob Perry’s best designs. She sails and handles wonderfully in all conditions we’ve experienced so far. The …


The Gray Area Between a Superstar and a Fool

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I’ve noticed a strange phenomena that I believe is due to the rise in sailing Youtubers and bloggers like myself. More and more sailors are going to sea without any training at all. They decide to take the leap, move aboard a boat and set sail. I’ve seen it over and over – praise given for being so brave, for …