What Scares You While Sailing?

I had the opportunity to speak on the women sailors panel moderated by Pam Wall at the Chicago Boat Show. A question was asked of the panel, “As a woman, what is it that scares you while sailing?” I was thankful that I was the last to respond to the question. While everyone else shared […]

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Spaceships, Rock Bands and Namesakes

It is about time we tell you all why we have named our boat Rocinante. Nope, she is not named after Don Quixote’s work horse. Our boat is named after a spaceship. (I never thought I would utter those words together in one sentence. Ever.) Yes it’s true, Rocinante’s namesake comes from the story told […]

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Sailing A Serious Ocean

I can’t actually remember when I first learned about this crazy sailor guy named John Kretschmer. But I do remember that I instantly liked him. I picked up his book, Cape Horn To Starboard and read it faster than I had read any other book, besides Green Eggs & Ham. John and I met in […]

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What? Ocean Conservation at a Boat Show!

I’ll be speaking at the Chicago Boat Show. But I won’t be taking the typical approach and giving a seminar on sail handling, anchor skills, or an awesome voyage I did. Instead I’ll be talking about ocean conservation and how being an active advocate and conscious citizen can enrich your sailing life. Awesome! I’m so […]

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Sailing at Night: Can You See in the Dark?

By understanding how your eyes work in low-light conditions, you can ensure that your vision doesn’t fail you when you most need it. The sun is just about to touch the horizon and you’ve spent the last hour setting up extra safety precautions for night sailing. You’ve connected a strobe light to your MOB ring. […]

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A Culture Of Giving

Giving thanks… Thanksgiving. Two distinct and powerful words rolled into one so we can get through it faster and get on with the Christmas Shopping Season. Onto Black Friday. Then onto Cyber Monday. But wait, what’s this, now it’s back to that word Giving… on Tuesday – an attempt to make up for the past […]

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What Would You Do If You Took A Chance?

What would you do if you felt like you were running on a hamster wheel and going nowhere? Teresa and Ben explain why they decided to change their pace for a while.

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Liebster Award Nomination!

Thank you so much to Tasha who has a beautiful blog over at Turf to Surf. She nominated me for the Liebster award, which means I have to answer her ten questions. 1) Where are you now and where are you headed? I am in the car and headed for the airport to drop off […]

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