Life Raft and Safety Flare Demonstration

Read on! The video at the end is a real treat! This weekend was the start of the ARC Caribbean 1500 Rally. The marina at Portsmouth Virginia had 35 sailboats flying the rally flag and preparing their boat for departure. On Saturday they began their sail from Portsmouth to Tortola. Ben and I were invited [...]

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On A Paid Vacation

This post is dedicated to all the working sailors out there! Who do you want to dedicate it to? Add their name in the comments below and then share the post with them. I’m a professional mariner, a licensed and working captain, or simply put….a sailor. It has a nice ring to it. “What do [...]

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It’s Just A Boat Afterall

Close your eyes for a second and picture a grandmother….any grandmother. You’ll probably see a little old lady with grey curly hair and glasses resting on the end of her nose. Now close them again and picture the most badass, funny, and adventurous grandma you can. That’s my grandma! I wanted to carry that spirit [...]

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Sailing Without A Boat

Yesterday I was at Napa Auto looking to purchase a needle gun for some rust-busting. As I was at the checkout counter, behind me I heard, “Hey, I know you. Isn’t your name Daphne?” I smiled. I hadn’t heard the name Daphne in a long time and it brought back wonderful memories. “My name is [...]

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iPhone Apps for Mariners

Ben and I are conservative and selective with the use of electronic technology aboard our boat. I have seen too often the over-use of technology lead to diminishing skills and sometimes even trouble. At that point, technology becomes a hindrance rather than an advantage. Where each person draws the line is a personal choice. So, [...]

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Essential Shipboard References

I’m often asked the difficult question, I’m learning to sail. What books should I read? There are hundreds of learn-to-sail books, but I’ve never read a single one. I didn’t learn to sail from a book. I learned to sail through experience, by working my way up “through the hawsepipe,” as it’s said, and I [...]

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Sandy Hook – The Lighthouse That Moves

  I had been warned about  the swirling currents of Hell Gate, but it was the profusion of lights from ships, shore and navigational aids that overwhelmed me as I entered Lower New York Harbor after sunset in search of an overnight anchorage. Most of the harbor is wide open to the wind and swells [...]

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Contest: Use Radar To Determine Position

UPDATE: The contest is closed. I posted all the submissions and messages I received via email or Facebook in the comments below. The winner was drawn at random from all the correct entries, congratulations to Alex Rook. Thanks so much for playing. And don’t forget to check out the creative problem solving methods everyone used [...]

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