Looking For Turtles, Finding People & Simplicity

When we were looking for the perfect pilot episode for Ocean Courier, we were led by some expert advise to check out Armila, Panama, a small village on the Caribbean coast who’s beaches host thousands of nesting Leatherback sea turtles every year, in fact they host the most in the world. Perfect! We are buying […]

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The Level of Expectation

Solo sailing has always been a significant part of my sailing education. No other type of sailing even compares to the growth and challenge provided by long-distance solo sailing. When I sold Daphne my biggest concern was that I would lose the skills and perspective that I had developed while on my two-year solo voyage. […]

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Blue Mind – The Book You Must Read #BlueMind

The first time I met J was at Blue Ocean Film Festival in 2012. He was speaking at a dinner and presented a clear blue marble to a person who he felt positively influenced his love for water. He asked us all to pick up our blue marble and hold it to our heart, then […]

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OSQ Making Progress!

We have some wonderful news for the progress of One Simple Question and our friends who are involved with the film. ~ Blue Mind is on the NY Times Bestsellers List: Author Wallace J Nichols is a friend of ours and we are lucky to have him featured in One Simple Question. His insight and […]

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Sound Signals and VHF Protocol in the Fog

Our recent 3 day Morse Alpha sail training expedition in beautiful Maine offered a wide variety of sailing conditions. We saw gusts to 30 knots the first day out, thick fog the second, and light winds the third. The perfect course… a little bit of everything, couldn’t have planned it better myself. We had fun tucking in a 2nd reef, […]

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Are ASA and US Sailing Courses Really Worth It?

UPDATE!! JUNE 10, 2014 ~ Several people asked two great questions: Q: What is a “sailing resume?” Q: If you don’t offer a certification, do your courses offer something to verify the experience and skills gained? I answered YOUR questions at the bottom! Thanks for asking! Ben and I have over 25 years of combined […]

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The Value of Stuff

What is the value of stuff? When Ben and I flew to Panama to pick up our new boat, we carefully selected each item we would bring with us. Because we were flying we were limited by size and weight. Each tool, article of clothing, pot and pan was carefully chosen from all our belongings. […]

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Jester Award Nomination

One of the criteria that Ben and I had for boat shopping, was that the new vessel had to be big enough to take passengers aboard yet still small enough so that we can solo sail. Ben and I both solo sailed our pocket cruisers side-by-side for several years. When I compare that experience to […]

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